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Plan for transforming office building into luxury apartments gets Beachwood council backing

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Beachwood, Ohio-City Council enacts a tax increase finance (TIF) agreement with Wisconsin developers planning to turn office buildings into luxury Class A apartments on Tuesday (June 7) approved.

One Guard Partner Milwaukee’s Investment Real Estate Services plans a $ 70 million project to remodel the Commerce Park IV building at 23250 Chagrin Blvd. (Adjacent to The Vue Apartment) To 147 home apartment units with the highest quality equipment.

These facilities include a pool, fireplace, dog park, ground floor lounge area and club room where residents can gather, interact and watch sporting events together. The common area on the ground floor also includes a gourmet kitchen to prepare meals for residents and special events, a weighted fitness room, and a stretch area for yoga and TV.

Roofs with views of the west side of downtown Cleveland include a patio.

The TIF contract is that you do not receive money from Beachwood City School. The city will waive about $ 27,000 in property taxes annually to help fund the project.

Ryan Somers, Cleveland’s project management consultant responsible for the project’s finances, said the school system would tax about $ 338,000 a year, based on an estimated $ 7.5 million for the completed building when the project is fully completed. I said I would receive it.

He said the $ 7.5 million figure could rise to $ 10 million once the building is fully utilized.

The currently displayed Commerce Park IV building. There is an underground parking lot in the building, which will be used when converting to an apartment. The garage also includes a room for storing residents’ bicycles. (Special to Jeff Piorkowski, cleveland.com)

Although not part of the TIF contract, Wangard purchased Commerce Park V, an adjacent office building. It will remain an office building, but will be completely refurbished with new roofs and HVAC systems.

The sale of the building to Oneguard is expected to end this week.

Currently, both buildings are financially “suffering”. Wangard Chairman and CEO Stewart Wangard, who attended the meeting on Tuesday, said Commerce Park IV is currently 40% occupied and Commerce Park V is 60% occupied.

“I’m all in favor of this project,” said Mayor Justin Berns, who wasn’t present but was invited to the meeting on Tuesday. “I think this is a transformation project.”

“This building will reach another bar,” James Heller, a beachwood economic development consultant and coordinator for the deal, told the council.

Oneguard, who founded the company in 1992, told the council that the apartment, known as the icon, would be designed for the times. Therefore, he said, the dwelling provides space for residents to work from home.

Afja Medical Center is expected to employ 1,000 people, and Beachwood hosts other medical facilities and Eaton’s administrative center, so Wangard said, “Our residents are Beachwood and its surroundings. You will be people who work in the community. “

Regarding the Oneguard statement, Heller, a longtime resident of Beachwood and a former architect who designed the Commerce Park IV building, said, “Because this is a very expensive venture, the type of rent there is. You can already predict it. ”

According to Heller, if 50 people living and working at home in the building each pay an annual income tax of $ 30,000, that’s $ 1.5 million.

“The city will get 2 percent ($ 1.5 million, or $ 30,000),” he said.

According to TIF, Wangard will pay full tax in the first year and receive a $ 42,077 refund. In the third year of the project, Wangard will receive a $ 189,348 annual rebate to help fund the project.

TIF’s $ 27,000 annually is property tax paid to the city of Beachwood, and the remaining $ 162,000 is property tax paid to Kaiyahoga County and its library system.

Regarding the possibility of opening more development within the project and commerce park, the goal sought by city leaders is “this is the type that will definitely open the eyes of the general public and the city of Cleveland.” Said.

Regarding the quality put into the unit, Mr. Wangard told the council:

“The kitchen isn’t an upcoming builder appliance, but it takes it to the next level. (We’ll have it) Higher quality appliances, such as a stainless steel stove with controls in front instead of back.

“Every unit has a washer and dryer, which is the current (Wangard) standard.

Commerce Park V Beachwood

The office building of Commerce Park V will be renovated, but it will remain an office building. (Special to Jeff Piorkowski, cleveland.com)

“We use subway tiles for the backsplash of all kitchen cabinets,” he said. “We use quartz countertops. We use so-called firehouse style sinks. Again, this provides an easier lifestyle, even when washing dishes. “

The apartment building consists of 40% 1 bedroom unit, 40% 2 bedroom unit, 10% 3 bedroom unit and 10% studio apartment.

According to Wangard, the project will cost more than new construction because it involves the removal and reconstruction of HVAC and the like. If all goes well, Wangard hopes to provide Icon to its inhabitants in 2024.

The council approved the TIF agreement with 6-1 votes. Opponent was councilor Mike Barcons. He told Oneguard that Barcons hoped the development would be successful and wished good luck. Still, Burkons disagreed with granting the TIF contract, stating that TIF should only be used for transformation projects and does not believe Icon is transformative.

In a statement released after the meeting, Barcons said: standard. ‘

“But the second half of the meeting consisted of members of the council justifying voting for TIF. If they don’t give this incentive worth $ 180,000 a year for the next 30 years, they’re the same. He claims that developers are afraid to build the best. Class projects will build cheap apartments that attract the wrong kind of tenants, whatever that means. “

During the meeting, councilor June Taylor said that if Wangard would proceed with the project without the support of the city: And suddenly we attract tenants. Suddenly in it we have a civic gallery that tells us. Are you going to a school that doesn’t share your values? ”

“It’s the refrain you’re hearing in the suburbs of First Ring right now. That’s what they’re talking about at Shaker Heights, that’s what they’re talking about at Warrensville Heights, and that’s what they’re talking about. That’s why I currently have a checkpoint in Pine Crest (orange).

“We’re talking about a Class A apartment building that doesn’t currently exist at this level,” she said. “And, from what is explained, it seems to have equipment that is synonymous with the name Icon.”

Taylor also sought assurance that minority and women-owned companies would have the opportunity to work on the project.

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