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Patrick Duffy selling ranch for $14 million

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previous Dallas Star Patrick Duffy, aka Bobby Ewing, left many memories on his nearly 400-acre Oregon ranch that he just put on the market for $14 million.

This property is located on the Rogue River outside of Medford in Southern Oregon. It features a two-mile river front with steelhead trout and salmon, elk and black-tailed deer, a two-acre bass pond, rustic barns, arable acreage, pastures, and more.

Duffy saw the potential of this property while fishing with a friend. He purchased his first portion of his estate in 1990, purchasing about 130 acres of land with his wife Karin Rosser for about $1.5 million.

One of their sons got married under a 100-year-old oak, and the reception was held in a nearby barn.

Duffy and Rosser made the ranch their primary home in the early 2000s. They spent about 20 years and about $3 million buying the adjacent property and expanding it to its current size. As the couple purchased adjacent properties over the years, he also acquired eight homes and some pasture land, which he rents out to local ranchers.

The 4-bedroom main house leads to a gallery where the couple has displayed their art collection. The gallery is filled with memories of Duffy, whose collection has increased over the course of his career.

“Dallas has provided us with a great opportunity,” Duffy said in a video produced by Sotheby’s International in 2018. So this is the house that Dallas built. The gallery is filled with art that Dallas has purchased. ”

In a YouTube video posted by Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty, Duffy said he called the property a “ranch.”

“People will say, ‘Oh, you got a ranch. Dallas?Not exactly, but yes,” he said in the video. my kingdom – which Dallas Southfork Ranch is the Kingdom of Ewing, this is the Kingdom of Duffy.”

Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing and Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing in a scene from “Dallas.”
(Zade Rosenthal/AP)

Duffy and Rosser used this ranch as a retreat from their home base in Los Angeles. When the kids went to college, they moved to the ranch full time. Rosser passed away in 2017.

“Patrick has been here for 30 years,” said Alan DeVries of publicly traded Sotheby’s International Realty with colleague Matt Cook. “He’s got Larry Hagman, Suzanne Sommers and a few other personalities here.

“They experienced something here that cannot be described in words.”

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