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Pangea Real Estate Faces Lawsuit As Tenants Allege Rodent Infestations, Mold And Insufficient Heating

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Austin — A renter living in a building managed by Pangea Real Estate claims that the rodent epidemic, security issues, and inadequate winter heating have been repeatedly complained but not addressed. Is suing the company.

A group of 14 tenants filed a proceeding on Monday seeking the status of a class action against Pangea. The proceedings seek compensation for “deceptive and illegal business practices.” Pangaea is one of the city’s largest real estate companies with over 13,000 apartments between Chicago, Baltimore and Indianapolis.

Federal complaints deliberately chose not to fix serious maintenance issues for Pangaea to increase profits, and tenants to deal with rodents, cockroaches, floods, mold and unheated apartments in the winter. Claims to be left. The company has committed more than 5,000 building code violations since 2009, according to data from the City’s Housing and Architecture Bureau detailed in the proceedings.

“The problem is systematic in all Pangea apartments. They choose not to spend money on the necessary maintenance,” said Christopher Wilms, one of the lawyers who filed the proceedings on behalf of the tenant. I did.

Pangea has long faced allegations of renter abuse, and in the decade to 2019, the company has filed more than 9,000 peasant evictions. According to a survey by the Chicago Reader.

Willy Bradley said he had suffered from inadequate heating and health problems caused by mold for eight years living in Pangea real estate. According to the lawsuit, even in the coldest winter week, the radiator in the apartment was only on for about 15 minutes at a time.

“My apartment wasn’t heated enough. When I was inside the apartment, it felt like it was outside,” Bradley said.

credit: Pascal Sabino / Block Club Chicago
Keira Jones (left) and Willy Bradley (right) are suing Pangaea Real Estate for dangerous living conditions and postponed maintenance issues.

The building in which Bradley lived had a broken tack point that could allow water to leak inside, the lawsuit said. According to the proceedings, the matter remained unresolved for more than six months, during which time the leak worsened and the walls of his apartment “bulged and buckled” under flood.

According to the lawsuit, Bradley’s apartment was also plagued with mold, and Pangea staff applied mold instead of treating it.

“We are looking for something better for ourselves and thousands of other Chicago people,” Bradley said.

When Kayla Jones first moved to Chicago from outside the state, she said Pangea moved to a different apartment than the one that first toured her and signed the lease. According to the proceedings, Switch left Jones in a dilapidated apartment infested with rodents.

“I was moving from Dallas, so I didn’t have the resources to rely on,” Jones said. “There were obvious signs of pest epidemic. There were clear signs of cockroach and rat droppings on the carpet, and there were clear signs of rat holes in the walls.”

According to the proceedings, when Jones filed work orders to fix the problem, Pangea closed the complaint without dealing with them.

Pangea Real Estate officials were not able to get immediate comments.

Tenants living in Pangea buildings facing similar issues may be able to participate in the proceedings by contacting a law firm representing the lessor: Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dim, Ltd. , LegalAidSociety of Metropolitan Family Services.

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