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Overlook subdivision hopes to start building houses by end of year

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Construction workers will work on Thursday, June 2, 2022, on the new access road in the Overlook Park district, west of downtown Steamboat Springs.
John F. Russell / Steamboat Pilot & Today

The Look Memorial Park parcel at the western end of Steamboat Springs, adjacent to Brown Ranch, hopes to do enough work to start a lot of sales and home construction by this summer.

The project’s owner representative, Scott White, said that during the first phase of the project, he hopes to have the infrastructure in place for the first 40 lots of the project by September. You can then plate and sell those lots.

When the first 40 lots are completed, attention shifts to the remaining 100 lots planned for subdivision. The goal is to pave the roads in these plots again this year, and other landscaping work may be left in the spring of next year.

“We aim to pave it completely by the end of the year,” White said. “All minus 100% landscaping.”

Overlook Park has been subdivided for many years and has undergone multiple ownerships. It has been considered by both the Steamboat Springs School and the headquarters of the Yampa Valley Electrical Association, but both have found other options and the property remains a housing project.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State, Steamboat Pinnacle Group LLC is currently owned by Project, a company with an address in Lone Tree, founded in September 2021.

In 2018, the project was stalled by the lack of a second emergency access, as the main access is on the Gloria Gothard Parkway, which connects to US Highway 40 via a downhill drive. Its temporary access road, which was built this spring, is near the entrance to Sleep Bear Mobile Home Park, but connects to a non-inline highway.

“It’s a temporary fire access road for now,” White said. “At some point they are working on getting everything to put easements and primary access there, which will be consistent with that intersection.”

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According to White, the final plan is that the main access will have some spectacular entrances to the subdivisions from that side rather than the Gothard Parkway. That way, future owners wouldn’t have to “drive through all these neighborhoods and industrial buildings to get to a $ 3 or $ 4 million home,” White said.

In the Yampa Valley Housing Corporation’s Preliminary Plan for Brown Ranch Development, the Gossard Parkway will be extended to connect to a road that intersects US 40 at the same location as White mentioned. Mr White said there wasn’t much communication between him and the Housing Corporation at this point, other than looking at the front door.

The final development will include 140 plots with most of the single-family homes that White said has a modern and contemporary style.

Minnesota-based Wagner Construction is currently working on private infrastructure such as water and sewage, storm drains, road curbs and gutters, and another company will landscaping, White said.

“We need to plate it (before selling the lot),” White said. “Phase 1 is about 40 plots inside the area around the park. This year we’re trying to complete them in time to actually build some homes.”

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