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Outdoor Dining Spoils West 57th Street

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(Illustration by Ilya Hourie of iStock, Google Maps / The Real Deal)

Some landlords have adopted outdoor dining to save their struggling tenants, but one of the owners of the billionaire column building is clearly not a fan.

The restaurant that rents the space of Osborne has a landmark apartment building. “Three Ring Circus” The owner declares in a proceeding.

An open restaurant program that oversees the situation of outdoor dining in New York City has provided many with a pandemic lifeline. 12,500 restaurants, And landlords (including many co-operatives) depend on rent.Although it was accepted by many New Yorkers Despised By others, the program Permanent During February.

As a result, the proceedings remained the only option for opponents. Among them is Osborne Tenants Corporation, which owns an apartment on 205 West 57th Street, just south of Central Park. Streeteasy describes a 19th century building as ” A kind of Dakota Opposite Carnegie Hall. “

Troublesome, residents do not rent the building’s commercial space directly to restaurants, but rent it to commercial tenants 57th and 7th Associates since 1962, subleasing it to seven retailers. The owner has complained, but the most frustrating thing is outdoor dining.

Last month, they went to the 57th and 7th to demand the risk of dismantling outdoor seats and terminating “unauthorized signs” or leases. It caused a Russian nesting doll in the proceedings.

The middleman issued a similar notice to the sub-tenant, asking them to remove the street seats and signs so that their debt would not be broken.

At the same time, the 57th and 7th associates sued the Osborne tenant and called the request “ambiguous.” Later, two restaurants and a pizzeria (Carnegie Diner, PJ Carneys, Pizza and Shakes) filed proceedings against both landlords.

In court, Judge Andrew Borok sympathized with 57th and 7th for trying to appease Osborne’s tenants and sub-tenants, “being a ham between two loaves of bread.” ..

A restaurant in New York is in a triangle proceeding Still struggling.. Osborne Tenants were “very sensitive” to their plight, their lawyer, Stephen Sladox, testified this week when his legal team and the 57th and 7th lawyers met in court.

But he said Dos Equis’s umbrella, neon sign, and intoxicated patrons sleeping on the sidewalk spoil the beauty of the building where Leonard Bernstein and Bobby Short once lived.

Restaurant owners are waiting for regulations from the Ministry of Transport regarding ubiquitous sidewalk structures, Be bound by some rules..

Since September, Osborne’s address has been subject to at least 30 complaints against 311 regarding outdoor dining and sidewalk issues.

The two restaurants and the pizzeria did not respond to requests for comment. Carnegie Diner removed the outdoor seats on West 57th Avenue, while Carnegie Diner and PJ Kearney retained the outdoor seats on 7th Avenue.

The Manhattan Community Board 5, which covers Midtown, including Osborne, supports the program, but recommends strict guidelines if the originally temporary program is permanent.

“CB5 wants to aesthetically and organically integrate the outdoor dining structure into the cityscape, rather than isolating the diner from the surrounding space as observed in an emergency,” the board said. increase. Recommended..

Osborne Tenants, in addition to requiring restaurants to remove sidewalk seats, now asks some retailers to remove the sign, even though it is reported to be dated from the 1960s. I requested. According to Osborne Tenant’s notice to PJ Kearney, the sign “damages the building’s reputation.”

One SignsIncludes a poster promoting Happy Hour at Carnegie Diner has been removed. The shoe repair shop has removed the “expert shoe repair” neon sign, but PJ Carneys has not removed the neon signs labeled “pub,” “bus,” and “est.” 1927. “

According to testimony, Heath Kushnick, the 57th and 7th lawyer, said: “PJ Kearney has been there for decades, and now suddenly they say they have to withdraw it.”

The owner’s lawyer called it “insignificant.”

The 57th and 7th associates and three sub-tenant lawyers refused to comment on the proceedings. Osborne Tenants lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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