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One of the Oldest Townhouses in London Has Been Gorgeously Restored – DIRT

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Do you remember the 1720s? South Sea Bubble, Piracy, Smallpox, Bach and Handel, Peter the Great? Good times. It was then that the house was built in London’s Mayfair district. It is now probably the most famous district in the city. However, at that time, the area was very new and was built at the old Mayfair venue.

Brickman John Barnes built a house for another architect, John Robinson. The architect was not involved, but the expertise demonstrated in the construction of the building, especially the opening of windows, is clear to this day. The largest windows are on the first and second floors, which are the most important parts of the house, welcoming guests, entertaining and doing business. The ceiling on the first three floors of a five-story house is higher than usual in a house of that era.

Three hundred years later, the majestic old folk house has been beautifully restored to Grade II * status, demonstrating that it is a rare building that needs to be preserved. Many of the original woodwork and siding are still hand-crafted. Where it was missing, the exchange matches the original. Today, it complies with the highest standards of both the 18th and 21st centuries, and townhouses are available via: Rokstone Equivalent to about $ 11.37 million.

The 3,178-square-foot home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Enter through the elegant front door and the majestic wrought-iron railings. Notice the cute flower box under the window. Marble foyer leads to the breakfast room or drawing room. The drawing room has an original wooden panel and an original fireplace. The front room overlooks the street and leads to a modern kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with Miele appliances, a boiling faucet of quartz and a quartz counter.

The stairs lead to the next floor, where the main drawing room is located. The large main living room has an internal balcony overlooking Mayfair’s decorative chimney. Part of the room is kitted as a library with built-in shelves and cabinets and a cocktail bar with a wine cooler.

Up to the next floor is the master bedroom with a large dressing room and a private bathroom with exclusive Victoria & Albert fixtures. All bathrooms in the house are equipped with underfloor heating and towel warmers. On the next floor there is a bedroom with two more private bathrooms. On the first basement floor, there is a bar and TV room, a separate bedroom and bathroom, and a utility room.

Like many old London townhouses, it doesn’t have much outdoor space and has a small patio. Residents, on the other hand, are one block away from the gorgeous Hyde Park, so there’s plenty of green space to enjoy with a little effort.

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