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One of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies is up for sale

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Also known as “Pink Painted Ladies” 714 Steiner St. For sale for $ 3.6 million — Same price as purchased in January 2020.

Owner rear culver Unfortunately, he told SFGATE that this was “probably the worst time in history.” The pandemic struck the United States just a few months later, delaying permits and design plans. Then supply chain issues continued and we searched for materials. In addition, the housing market is booming and economic uncertainty is so high that the project is much more expensive than she expected.

The house was terrible when software engineer and angel investor Culver first talked to SFGATE in February 2020.She is about to renovate the interior 3 years and $ 3 million.. Well, she said she couldn’t even re-estimate how long she would take if she continued her quest.

“I just had to make a phone call,” she said. “I couldn’t see the end.”

Rear Culver is looking at the suspended ceiling in the room in front of the woman painted pink in 2020. The interior needs major renovation.

Douglas Zimmerman / SFGate.com

For years before the purchase, Culver dreamed of owning the Painted Lady, which was recently made famous by the 1990s sitcom “Full House” and its reboot “Fuller House.” She even toured Broderick’s real “Full House” house (Absolutely not for sale), And she said she liked the interior, which wasn’t what she wanted in the end.

She said she hadn’t made any improvements except for some exploratory demolition, so she lists the homes for the same price as she bought. However, she has several plans approved by the city and is ready to hand over the building plan from David Armor Architecture to the next owner. Her construction plans are now in the city’s building department, and she said she hopes they will be approved this summer.

Rear calver in front of a pink-painted woman in February 2020.

Rear calver in front of a pink-painted woman in February 2020.

Douglas Zimmerman / SFGate.com

Culver also announced the sale on her popular Instagram account. @pinkpaintedlady, Collected nearly 19,000 followers. She said she was happy to be able to hand over the account to her new owner, but obviously she didn’t expect anyone like her to take her on a journey.

In most cases, she wants someone who is as passionate as she had to refurbish such a culturally important part of the city to be the next buyer. .. “I’m looking for someone who really cares about this house and its importance to San Francisco,” Culver said. “I’m very sad about it. It’s not what I wanted or expected.”

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