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One of Memorial Drive’s last big holdouts is closing up shop

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The auto repair business, which has been operating at Memorial Drive for nearly 70 years, is in the process of being closed and liquidated, with the potential for redevelopment in one of the last blocks of the street near the beltline, untouched by new torrents. I’m ready.

Reed’s autoshop in Reynoldstown’s 952 Memorial Drive Southeast is currently described by Google as “fully closed.” It justifies neighborhood hints and rumors that a company was looking to sell its assets and move on.

Neighbors in the area told Urbanize Atlanta this week that Reid’s has cleared .64-arce lots in the last few days.

As shown in online reviews, full-service car stores have built up a lot of support and a strong reputation for reliable work over the years. However, as a project such as Madison Yard, 982 MemorialAnd the beltline’s East Side Trail has been realized, and the jaropy-studded traits of the reed have become unusual in increasingly walkable areas.

Reed ownership has hesitated to talk to the media about its business plans for the last few months. However, the car shop started at Memorial Drive over 68 years ago and says he is pleased to see the recent investments and changes. Street.

Reed’s Body Shop property related to the recent development of Memorial Drive and the East Side Trail on the far left belt line. Google map

Property records do not show recent sales.However, allowing activity from this past spring suggests that the land owned by Reed is “integrated into a single parcel for consolidation. [a] “Mixed-use real estate” and tax purposes.

Supporters Comfortable chicken biscuits You don’t have to worry about your neighbors. Home Grown, a popular local breakfast and lunch cottage, is located on the southeastern corner of Reed’s block, but is a separate property.

The 0.64 acre site in question does not include the popular breakfast and lunch restaurant next door. Fulton County Government / Council

As we saw last month, the Memorial Drive Auto Shop and Salvage Yard on the right. Google map

The news comes from another practical staple of memorial drives, Cummin Landscape Supply, which has shut down memorial drives, at least for now, a few blocks west of Reed.

Cummin representatives didn’t reply to emails asking for more information, but a large number of emails to customers last week said, “Supply chain issues, labor shortages, site status.”

Kamin’s gravel road at 724 Memorial Drive is not open to the public as of Monday. According to the landscaping company, it will remain closed “during this season” and “until further notice.”

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