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One Frustrated Hamptons Buyer Opts for an Alternative: Build It Yourself

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When Amanda Brezing started looking for a summer house in the Hamptons in 2017, she ran into a common problem.

Blazing, 36, who works in finance in Manhattan, said: “So I decided to look at the land.”

Having an architect design the house she loves would surely offer better value. she thought. She didn’t have the budget to buy an oceanfront property, but she was able to find about half an acre planted with trees on a quiet dead end in Springs, a hamlet in East Hampton, New York. keep.

After purchasing the land for $337,500 in August 2018, Blazing began looking for an architect. I wanted to find a small local office where the president would be deeply involved in the project. “It was very important to me that they share the same vision as me of wanting a sober and thoughtful element in design and wanting something very modern,” she said.

Brezing also wanted a home with enough space to support indoor and outdoor living and comfortably entertain friends and relatives. “I have a big family with her three sisters, but I’ve never been able to live in a small apartment in New York City,” she said. “So I wanted a space with functional areas where everyone could come together and make memories together.”

After interviewing several candidates, she hired Oza Sabeth Architectsa company with offices in Bridgehampton and Manhattan that built several nearby homes she admired. The company provided turnkey design-build services through its construction arm, Modern Green Home.

When its founders Nilay Oza and Peter Sabbeth visited the site, they immediately saw a challenge. Brezing wanted privacy, but she has neighbors on both sides and across the street.

“The lots are pretty small and lined up like suburbs,” Oza said.

“The only place where you could see the other houses and not the others was in the back,” Sabeth added.

According to Ohza, the typical approach for such plots is to build a house near the street, create a large backyard, and install a few small windows on the sides. They knew they wouldn’t be. So they decided to divide the house into several different components and assemble them around a central outdoor space.

“We decided to seal in the scenery by creating these courtyards,” Oza said.

Their 3,000-square-foot design has three connected volumes. The first volume, closer to the street, has three guest rooms. The second is also closer to the street and has a garage. And the third, connected to the first two by a glass-enclosed corridor through a planted courtyard, houses the main living and dining spaces, the kitchen, and the main suite. From there, a long pergola extends to an open-air dining area with a fireplace that leads to the pool he deck.

Each volume is clad in the Hamptons’ hallmark cedar shingles, but has an asymmetrical pyramidal roof covered in glass, with a striking shape on the outside and high ceilings on the inside. . And every part of the house is designed to accommodate a specific landscape. Geoffrey Nimmer landscape for a reason.

Inside, the architect worked with Henry Bilt on the kitchen, vanity and closets.In the main bathroom, we added rebar inside the walls to support the hammock-like carbon fiber bathtub From Splinterworks found by Brezing.

In the end, construction costs came to about $800 per square foot. Brezing took out a construction loan to pay for most of it. Modern Green Home He began construction in the fall of 2019 and completed the home in January 2022 after pandemic-related delays.

When it came time to furnish the house, Brezing decided to slow down after interviewing several interior designers.

“Furniture is very expensive, to be honest,” she said. “I wanted to be in the space for a while to figure out what I wanted, but I also had to be careful about how much money I wanted to spend.”

Rather than buying it all at once, she borrows most of the furniture from Meridith Baer Home and gradually replaces it with her own. Thanks to her rental furniture, she was able to find the perfect fit for her own lifestyle. For example, an outdoor lounge chair had a cushion that was dirty and messy to clean, so she “never gets a permanent lounge chair with a cushion,” she said.

Blazing has spent as much time as possible at home with her sisters and friends while she arranges the furniture. And the process of working with Oza Sabes was exactly what she wanted.

“The house is really special and I really enjoyed working with them,” she said. “They were willing to take risks, but I was willing to go with them.” .”

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