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OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Palm Springs, CA

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Palm Springs, CA (Vrbo).: We have seen a pretty spectacular house today, which may win the highest award. According to our own rating system, it is officially considered “exorbitantly deceived”. During your vacation, you will have the opportunity to stay at the property. There is a fire pit for the fire pit. You can choose from more activities than a trip to Burning Man. If you get bored here, you are a cause lost forever and always.

This summer had a clearly apocalyptic atmosphere (we know, we’ve been saying it for three years each year … but we always mean it), non- How about a game of common sense heat waves and even more viral COVID waves and mogura beating? Whac-A-Mole, which we are currently playing with human rights. So, if you’re like us, you’re looking for a vacation place that gives you a case of memory loss that goes beyond all the other holiday homes you’ve ever stayed in.

From the beginning, you can see what we are dealing with here. Pools are a must for any luxury property, but this refuses to comply with typical over-the-top standards. Everyone has an infinity pool these days, but when was the last time you saw a huge and perfect ring of water in your backyard?

Welcome to the genuine Vintage 1953 Silver Streak Trailer, where you can enjoy a little stay during your vacation. (Consider a queen bed with both AC and heat.) In addition to the cool atmosphere, the greatest feature of the airflow is the powerful telescope, perfect for seeing desert stars late in the romantic evening. ..

When you’re not on a romantic vacation at Silver Streak, stay in one of the seven bedrooms in the main building or in the guesthouse’s private single bedroom. It’s a lot of rooms, but with 7,000 square feet of internal space, there’s still plenty of living area to plan different lounges.

One through line of this property is fire: there are fireplaces and fire pits everywhere to ensure that you will never run out of warmth and atmosphere on those chilly desert nights.

Usually, when a house calls itself an “entertainer’s paradise,” it refers to a single sauna or tennis court. This is not the case in this Palm Springs enlave. There isn’t enough space to list all of the many games and amenities on the premises, but it does provide the best shots. Of course, there are hot tubs and pools. Next, there is an outdoor pool and a ping pong table. Game patios include bocce balls, cornholes, yard dice, oversized jenga, ladder golf, rings and horseshoe-shaped toss. In addition, a 45-foot mini golf course. And it’s just a list for the outdoors …

This house may be full of games (we haven’t touched on the indoor game room yet), but it’s still not a vacation we’re willing to take our kids with. It can be too much fun for adults who don’t care for the world. If you do so, adults will be wild. However, if you choose to bring in a small villain, be aware that there is a packed children’s room. Good luck controlling screen time when your wild ones have multiple video consoles in their private hideout.

Speaking of irresponsible vacations, one of the best features of the pool is the floating poker set. If you count your cards correctly, you may win enough money to cover your part of your stay.

You probably sat there thinking the walls of your own gallery were pretty impressive … and you saw this casual little corner corner. I’ve never seen a gallery wall full of colorful and eclectic art.

Have you heard about the King Bed in California, but have you heard about the King in Alaska? If not, can you introduce this wonder, which is completely 50% larger than the famous West Coast version? No photo: Private outdoor shower and lounge, also in this master suite. As a rule of thumb, when you book a house, you should choose the first room.

This small living room may be a great place to watch the pool move during the day, but if you want to capture the colorful masterpieces of the sky at the end of the day, repair a cocktail with a cocktail while watching the sunset. It is recommended to have a pavilion. Yes, there is even room for that.

A great vision in front of you is a tiny private bathroom. For a genuine statement piece, head to the spa with sauna, steam room and waterfall tub. Can you say “It’s a self-care day”?

I think we just fell in love with the chair. These look like magical love cubs in hammocks and oversized lockers, and we’re here for it.

We have so far established that you get more than you need to entertain with this holiday compound. But on rare occasions, if you feel you need to venture beyond the property gate (did you think there is a gate?), There is a desert at your fingertips and all Palm Springs hotspots are just 5 minutes away. is. Drive away

We want to start every vacation by telling the property manager, “Go out!” Just to scare you a little. In this case, we are serious about …

Book your stay: Entertainers ParadisePalm Springs, CA $ 2,620 per night via Vrbo

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