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Olivier Sarkozy sells NYC townhouse for $10.25M

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The Manhattan townhouse where French banker Olivier Sarkozy set out to live happily ever after with former child star Mary-Kate Olsen is one year on the market and one year after becoming a couple. sold after more than a year finalized their divorce.

Half-brother of former French President Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozysold its burned-down Turtle Bay property for $10.3 million. The Wall Street Journal reportedThe new owner is Deborah Osburn, founder of online tile company Clé Tile.

Osburn lives in the San Francisco area and purchased a home to own as a base for coastal living and as a renovation project. Osburn told the Journal that she wasn’t looking for a home in New York, but she fell in love with the list after reading about it in the press.

“I couldn’t get it out of my head,” she told the outlet.

Sarkozy purchased the 38-foot-wide house from artist David Deutsch for $13.5 million in April 2014 through a limited liability company. Property in April put up for sale As reported by The Post, it’s asking for $10.5 million.

The now-divorced couple reportedly held their 2015 wedding reception at the house.
wire image
This property includes a ballroom with 22 foot high coffered ceilings.
The property has, most notably, a ballroom with a 22-foot coffered ceiling.
Michael Alley/Allyson Lubow Photography/Corcoran Group
Ornate ballroom ceiling closeup.
Ornate ballroom ceiling.
Michael Alley/Allyson Lubow Photography/Corcoran Group
Sarkozy and Olsen haven't finished renovating their home and haven't moved.
Sarkozy and Olsen haven’t finished renovating their home and haven’t moved.
Michael Alley/Allyson Lubow Photography/Corcoran Group
Located in Turtle Bay Gardens, this home opens onto a large outdoor space.
At Turtle Bay Gardens, homes open onto large outdoor spaces.
Michael Alley/Allyson Lubow Photography/Corcoran Group

In the time it took to purchase Honeywell Mansions and go public, it seemed like a dream come true. The reception before the 2015 wedding famous for containing “Bowls and bowls filled with tobacco, and everyone smoked all night long” — apparently held in this house — Sarkozy and Olsen embarked on a renovation. Sarkozy and Olsen never moved in after that. Since it went up for sale, the listing’s images have shown various shots of the empty interior.

Osburn told the newspaper that the property needed air-conditioning systems, elevators, bathrooms and wall finishes. Osburn’s plans also include restoring the property’s original European aesthetic and using tiles from her own company.

Another peak of outdoor space.

outdoor space

Arched windows leading to the outside.

Arched windows lead outside.

There are 5 fireplaces inside.

There are 5 fireplaces inside.

There is also a large skylight.

There is also a large skylight.

home Dates up to 1921 Charlotte Hannewell Sochan later changed her name to Charlotte Martin after remarriage in 1921. She was the heir to the Hannewell Railroad and Bank fortune and shared a green share surrounded by townhouses on the block. Created Turtle Bay Gardens, a patch.. Specifically, she is the owner of 21 surrounding townhouses with the goal of getting her wealthy friends to create small communities that share a backyard . These plans did not materialize and she sold most of her estate in 1921 as well.

“I wanted to inject a vision of today’s Charlotte home,” Osborne told the outlet, adding that he was particularly drawn to the ballroom, which has 22-foot coffers and colorful wood ceilings.

Osborne also has five floors of living space, five fireplaces, six bedrooms, a garage, mirrored walls, huge skylights and arched windows to the outside. Outside there are gardens, as Martin intended, with local homeowners sharing the cost of upkeep.

Catherine Juracich and Thomas Ventura of Corcoran Group represented the seller. She was also represented by Corcoran’s Victoria Reichelt as the purchaser.

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