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Older Residents, Those With Disabilities May Qualify For Tax Rebate Of Up To $1,657.50

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Governor Tom Wolfe speaking with reporters.
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Seniors and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania will receive more money this year than expected if they qualify for a refund of rent and property taxes paid in 2021.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolfe’s office said this week that his signing of Act No. 54 of 2022 will allow applicants for that signature a one-time bonus rebate. Property tax and rent refund system.

“Under the new law, Pennsylvanians approved for property tax or rent rebates paid in 2021 will receive an additional one-time bonus rebate equal to 70% of the original rebate amount. This means that claimants could receive up to $1,657.50 (up from the previous maximum of $975),” the governor’s office said.

One-time bonus rebates are paid out of funds provided to the state by the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).


About $140 million of ARPA’s funds will be used for a one-time bonus rebate, according to Wolf’s office.

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Commissioner Dan Hassell said, “We want property tax/rent rebate program applicants to know that they do not need to take any additional steps to receive a one-time bonus rebate. “If you are a claimant who has already submitted an application for the 2021 billing year, the Department of Revenue will handle all of the back-end work to ensure you receive the additional money you are entitled to receive. If you are an eligible Pennsylvania citizen and have not yet submitted your application, you still have plenty of time to apply. Recently extended to December 31, 2022

The governor called the one-time enhanced rebate a “common sense way” to use federal COVID-19 aid.

“Many Pennsylvanians participating in the program use bonds, and this year’s payout increases will help keep people home during a time of inflation and rising costs,” Wolff said. Told.

When are bonus rebates distributed?


The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue expects to begin sending bonus rebates by mail and direct deposit in early September.

  1. Applicants who have already received the original rebate on property taxes or rent paid in 2021 as of mid-August may receive an additional bonus rebate in a one-time payment. Refunds will be made by the same method (cheque or direct deposit) you chose on your original application.
  2. As of mid-August, if (a) you are an eligible claimant whose 2021 rebate application is still being processed; or (b) for eligible applicants who have not yet submitted a 2021 rebate application, receive the combined rebate (original + bonus) in a one-time payment. You will receive your combined rebate through the same method you chose on your original application (check or direct deposit).

Processing of rebates and bonus rebates will continue until the end of the year as additional applications are received. The department will work as quickly as possible to ensure that your application is processed for payment in a timely manner.

What do I need to do to receive my bonus rebate?

Further action if you are an eligible applicant for the Property Tax/Rent Refund Program and have already submitted a Property Tax or Rent Refund Application (PA-1000) for 2021 you don’t have to take Let the Revenue Department handle everything on the backend to ensure you receive your original and bonus rebates for the 2021 billing year.

Eligible petitioners who have not yet submitted an application are encouraged to do so. Eligible Pennsylvania residents can do this online. my course, the Revenue Service’s online filing system. Submitting an application from myPATH is easy and does not require you to sign up for an account (username/password). Claimants can also find paper applications and instructions for the Property Tax/Rent Refund Program by visiting her website at: www.revenue.pa.gov/ptrr.

Answers to other frequently asked questions about one-time bonus rebates are available at: One-time bonus rebate on the IRS website.

Requesting a rebate is free. Remind applicants that free assistance is available in hundreds of locations across the state, including Pennsylvania. Revenue Department District Office, Regional Agencies on Aging, Senior Citizens Center, State Legislator’s Office. Applicants may also visit departments. Online Customer Service Center Find helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about the Property Tax/Rent Refund Program.

visit Property Tax/Rent Refund System Page For more information on this program, including income limits and historical background, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website.

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