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Old Irving Park 1950s home for sale

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The red brick home with white pillared porch has interiors with vintage craft finishes such as rich wood paneling, built-in bookshelves, fireplace mantel and antique tiles on the bathroom walls. The foyer, hallway and breakfast room are also richly wallpapered. Furnishings included, the house looks unchanged from his late 1950s.

There is one change that happened this week. Starting at his grandmother’s house a few blocks away, Malek dug up a tall lilac bush that had spent decades in his Lowell Avenue garden. I am repotting at Marek’s house in Long Grove.

Built in 1902, the house was designed by renowned architect Elmer Jensen. His own white pillar house still stands across the street.jensen Worked in Chicago architecture for 70 years, Departed as a messenger from the office of William Le Baron Jenny to carry notes to the location of the Home Insurance Building, known as the world’s first skyscraper.then partner Jenny & Mandy’s successor company, Jensen contributed to the design or design of the Loop building, the church and the Three Flats.

The house was built for Washington D. Smyzer, the Chicago Public Schools Principal and Chicago Public Schools Officer for whom CPS Elementary School, three miles west of Dunning, is named .

Ernie Malek said his parents paid about $21,000 for the house in February 1959. His mother, who died in 2006, was a work-at-home lawyer, and his father, who died in 2005, was the mayor of the city.

The Kennedy Highway was under construction when the family moved in.

The home sits on a 50 x 144 foot lot, which is about 2.3 times the city standard of 25 x 125. Brandt said the city-approved driveway can be built without any modifications to the home. Brandt says the original rear porch, which juts out slightly from the south wall of the house, is just inches from it.

The climate system and utilities need to be updated, but we cannot estimate the cost of rehabilitation.

Over the past year, Old Irving Park homes about the same size, but all on smaller lots, sold for an average of $782,000, according to Crane’s research in the Midwest real estate data file. This is more than $100,000 more than Malek is asking for.

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