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NYC population plunged while rental rates spiked: Census

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The population of New York City is especially Less than 10,000 rental units are listed Only in 3 autonomous regions.

However, it can look fooled.

Analysis of census results released in March By city This week, the city was found to have lost 300,000 people between April 2020 and June 2021. This ranges from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic to the post-vaccination reality. In addition, people are still moving out of the city, but at a slower pace.

The number of births during the period from 2020 to 2021 exceeded the number of deaths, but during that time so many New Yorkers moved out of the autonomous region, and the overall population still declined dramatically.

The biggest reason the city reported was that locals moved to other states. (The reduction in deaths and international migration due to COVID also contributed significantly.)

There may be a slight delay in the census figures.In those analyzes, the Bureau of Urban Planning wrote that the factors that led to population depletion were “the result of temporary pandemic-related phenomena.” [that] It may have reversed in the second half of 2021. ”

The main reason for the declining population is the move of New Yorkers to other states.
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Census Population New York Pandemic
NYC births have recently surpassed NYC deaths, but the population is still declining.
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Other data reviewed by the city found that the number of New Yorkers skipping towns has slowed in at least the last few months, based on an analysis of address change data from the United States Postal Service. The publication states that it does not distinguish between those who have left the five provinces and those who have moved within them. However, the agency received 30,900 address change requests in April. This is a significant decrease from 53,500 in April last year, surpassing the 26,900 recorded in the same period in 2019.

So why are they inconsistent?With contrasting images of less populated cities Rental bid war Many people are wondering if the landlord keeps the unit or if the unit is listed on a short-term rental site. Appraiser Jonathan Miller suggests thinking about how today’s working environment differs from what it was before the pandemic.

“People are motivated for a variety of reasons that didn’t exist before the pandemic,” Miller, president and chief executive officer of Miller Samuel, told Post. “The relationship between work and family has changed radically.”

middle Record rent and sales activities, Two-thirds of the city hall tower remains empty. People make the most of their pandemic-recognized remote work, immigration to New York, and work at home. This trend is strongly reflected in the upper half of the market. “Low-wage earners are far more economically damaged by the era of blockades and pandemics,” Miller said. “Remote work and mobility define the boom we are seeing in the city right now.”

However, inbound migrants who come to New York to work remotely or otherwise are overtaken by the number of people fleeing during the pandemic.

“The inbound transition didn’t really start until 2021,” Miller said, and before that, “everything was outbound, outbound.”

Miller believes Airbnb is also a factor, but it’s not the main factor. “I think they’re just tightening the housing situation,” he said.

“Today, New York City has fewer Airbnb lists than it did before the pandemic and the city’s own planning department. Conclusion Population decline is related to pandemics and is probably already reversed, “Airbnb told The Post in a statement. ” data A major factor in NYC’s long-standing housing affordability crisis was the inability of workers to build enough housing to spare, and Airbnb continues to work with city authorities to create new affordability throughout the city. I’m trying to build a good priced house. ”

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