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NYC building that led to Anna Delvey’s takedown seeks $135M

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The historic Renaissance building on 281 Park Avenue South, which defeated Anna Sorokin-born convicted scammer Anna Delbay, is on the market for a whopping $ 135 million.

It was more than five times the price Delbay was trying to raise to lease a building for the Foundation from which her name was derived. The property was last purchased in 2014 by Aby Rosen’s RFR Realty for $ 50 million.

RFR owns more than 90 properties worth more than $ 15.5 billion across New York City, Miami, Las Vegas and Tel Aviv.

The company purchased real estate from the non-profit Protestant Welfare Machinery Alliance, which paid $ 910,000 in 1963.

Following the ownership of RFR, they undertook a $ 30 million refurbishment project and signed a 15-year lease with Photographyska (a world-class museum of photography) in 2017.

It was around that time that Delbay came up with the idea of ​​signing a rental contract for the place himself. Her vision of a scammer for the iconic six-story, 45,000-square-foot New York City landmark included her own private club, also known as the “Anna del Bay Foundation.”

The building, considered a historic landmark in New York City, consists of six floors.
Restaurant Veronica on the 2nd floor.
Veronica, a lively restaurant on the second floor.

Her plan was to seduce potential investors on the pitch of becoming a visual arts center, a hotel, a German bakery, and a juice bar, while at the same time being an exclusive and dynamic nightclub.

New York Magazine reported that she was furious when Delbay discovered that Photographyska was about to sign Reese. It’s like two old men. “

Efforts to rent a building eventually landed her on Slammer. An investigation into why she was unable to pay the $ 100,000 statutory cost accumulated from her application for leasing her building was revealed.

Anna Sorokin is a 28-year-old German citizen, well known as Anna Delbay, whose family immigrated from Russia in 2007.  She will be seen in court on April 11, 2019, during a trial in the New York Supreme Court of New York.
Anna Sorokin, well known as Anna Delvey, a German citizen whose family emigrated from Russia in 2007, is in court while being tried in the New York Supreme Court of New York on April 11, 2019. You can see it at.
AFP via Getty Images

List held by Tal and Oren Alexander The new company OFFICIAL consists of a museum space on the 3rd floor, a Veronica restaurant on the 2nd floor, and an event space on the top floor. And private club bar In the adjacent chapel.

“281 Park Avenue South was very well known to New Yorkers before the TV show,” Tal Alexander said in a post. Netflix show “Inventing Anna” Based on the life of a Delbay scammer. “This is one of the most immediately recognizable buildings in the city. I think what Inventing Anna did was to put the building on a bigger stage. Now people from all over the world take selfies in the building. It is supposed to do. ”

When asked about a high price tag, Tal explained that it “matches what you would expect from an asset of this caliber.”

“The 281 Park Avenue South Buyer Profile is a collector of both residential and commercial trophy real estate,” he added. “We have been contacted by RFR about this opportunity because of the great success of that buyer profile in the past.”

Interior of 281 Park Avenue South.
Interior of 281 Park Avenue South.
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Located in the upscale Gramercy Park district, the building was designed by architects RW Gibson and EJN Stent and was commissioned by the Protestant Episcopal Church’s Internal and External Missionary Association in 1892.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, JP Morgan, W. Thanks to a donation from Bayyard Cutting, it is possible to build a $ 370,000 building.

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