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NY Real Estate Agent Takes Selfie With Huge Crowd of Prospective Renters

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Controversy arose at TikTok after user Sarah (@sarahloukiernan) posted a video showing a real estate agent taking pictures of a large crowd visiting an apartment in New York.

“New York realtors take selfies with apartment applicants because he” hasn’t seen so many people in an open house for 17 years, “Sara said in a video. I am writing in the text overlaid on.

Sarah’s video has been played over 1.1 million times now.

@sarahloukiernan Brooklyn’s apartment market is insane, probably 50 people in one apartment #brooklyn #nyc # Apartment #new york #ny #SearchForWonderMom ♬ Elevator Music – Live Boho

The apartment is located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint district and the average rental price for a studio apartment is over $ 3000. According to the report, rental prices in the region are skyrocketing, with average rents rising by more than 40% last year. MNS Real Estate NYC..

The building itself is an astral building. There are many claims about the quality of the building and the 57-year-old Super Thomas Tambolsky.

In 2021 Green pointer report That “law enforcement agency has discovered a three-year video capture [a tenant], Like previous tenants, take a shower, change clothes, and do other personal activities. ” He pleaded not guilty to 36 illegal surveillances.

Sara points this out in a follow-up video.

@sarahloukiernan #stitch @sarahloukiernan can’t really make up for this # Green screen #nyc #new york # 10 Million Adoptions #FindYourEdge #brooklyn # Apartment ♬ Elevator Music – Live Boho

New York population Decline During the first year of the pandemic More people We will move to the city by the end of 2021 than we did there in 2019.

Many claim that this is causing “rental pressure”. Rent prices are rising there because there are not enough empty apartments to meet the growing demand and needs.

However, there are some issues with this idea.

First, some of the price increases may be due to the expiration of COVID transactions. As many left the city, some landlords temporarily lowered prices to keep people in their apartments.On average, the landlord did not lose money despite these deals with JP Morgan Chase. Report “Because of the declining income, the landlord has reduced more costs than the rented income has decreased, resulting in an overall increase in cash balance,” he said. In fact, “The median landlord ended in 2020, with rental income down only 3% compared to 2019.”

Despite continuing to make significant profits, landlords are now aware of the renewed interest in New York and are raising prices for themselves.

In addition, many New York apartments are vacant or are currently being used for other purposes. Almost 5% The number of apartments in New York is vacant as of 2021 and is quite large, but less than in the previous year. But now, Airbnb’s list in New York is more than rentable apartments. SuppressionThis means that there are few long-term homes available to interested lessors.

Returning to TikTok, Sarah speculates in a comment that the apartment was in a trendy area and was popular because of “stable rent”. 50% of New York apartments This means that rent can only be raised at a fixed rate each year.

Regardless of the details, Tik Tokers was thinking about the situation in general with the lessor.

“This is … very sad and annoying,” wrote one user.

“Midwestern and other rural locations need to have larger cities with more career opportunities,” another person added. “NYC and CA should not be the biggest choice.”

Many other commenters have referred to future renters as “gentlemen.”

In particular, TikTokers was shocked by the prospect that they would simply have to compete with many others to secure a place to live.

As one user wrote, “I never leave my mother’s house … this is a modest annoyance.”

I contacted Sarah with a comment from TikTok.

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