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Northeast Florida Clerks of Court team up against property and mortgage fraud

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jacksonville, florida – Court clerks in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam, and St. increase.

Clerks joined forces Monday to urge property owners to protect themselves from fraudsters who steal homes, vacant lots or business property through fraud and other official records.

“Property and identity fraud is a national and local problem that can have serious repercussions,” said Putnam County Clerk Matt Reynolds. With this service, citizens can stay ahead of fraud and protect what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

Reynolds and Clerks Stacie D. Harvey, Tara S. Green, Jody Phillips, John A. Crawford, and Brandon J. Patty launched a regional campaign to create a shared web page offering property fraud sign-up links in all six counties. emphasized.

The webpage can be accessed from both www.ProtectYourFloridaProperty.com When www.ClerksAgainstFraud.com.

“Because criminals don’t stop at county lines, Clerks of Northeast Florida are uniting to fight property fraud across the region,” said St. Johns County Clerk Patty.

Property fraud is when someone illegally uses your property for financial gain. A common example is when fraudsters create fraudulent documents transferring your home to them and record the documents in official county records.

Clerks Stacey D. Harvey, Tara S. Green, Jodie Phillips, John A. Crawford, Matt Reynolds, Brandon J. Patty (Provided by Florida Court Clerk and Comptroller)

“We’re seeing fraudsters miles away digitally stealing your home or property by submitting fraudulent deeds,” Baker County Clerk Harvey said. increase.

However, property owners themselves can easily identify if ownership of their home or business has changed. If you are notified that a change has occurred.

“Receiving notification that something might be wrong is the first step in fighting back. We encourage you to register,” said Nassau County Clerk Crawford, who recently launched the county’s new real estate fraud alert service.

To combat the rise in real estate and mortgage fraud nationwide, identity protection firms charge a monthly or yearly fee to monitor your official records. However, your local court clerk offers a free do-it-yourself option. Simply register to receive an alert when an official document of record is recorded in that office in your name.

“We are asking property owners to partner with us to eliminate attempts to steal homes and land,” said Clay County Clerk Greene. “Malicious individuals may get away with fraudulent declarations, but alerts are sent to registered property owners so they can intervene.”

Free notification services, like paid commercial alert systems, do not prevent fraud from occurring. As county record of deeds and mortgages, the court clerk documents property records but does not have the authority to determine the validity of the records.

“Notice will not deter fraudulent transactions, but it will give property owners a chance to correct their mistakes before they are made!” Harvey said.

Local real estate agent Jonathan Dougherty says he’s received calls about homes that haven’t been for sale since 2009. He believes the alarm system will help homeowners.

“I think it’s a great tool and it seems like it would be easy for people to implement,” said Realtor Jonathan Daugherty of Realtor Future Home Realty.

The free notification service provides subscribers with an early warning system and tools to make them aware of fraudulent activity that may otherwise have gone undetected. Property owners who receive notice know they need to contact law enforcement, seek legal advice, or file a lawsuit in civil court.

“Property Fraud Alert proactively monitors recorded documents and provides individuals and businesses with the tools they need to stop property fraud at the source,” said Duval Clerk Phillips. “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow Clerks who joined me at the front door of Duval County Courthouse today.

Visit the website accessible from ProtectYourFloridaProperty.com Also www.ClerksAgainstFraud.comsign up for this free service in each of these participating counties.

Here are some tips from the FBI to make sure you are not a victim of this type of scam.

  • Get professional referrals for real estate and mortgages.Verify industry professional licenses with state, county, or city regulatory agencies

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.Promising big profits in a short period of time is a signal of concern

  • Beware of unsolicited online or phone calls and pressured sales

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