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North Hills developer proposing ‘micro-units’ to rent for $1,500 in proposed towers :: WRAL.com

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— A developer in the North Hills community makes a new pitch to Raleigh City Council members to get approval for plans for a taller tower.

A year ago, Kane Realty began pushing for land rezoning In a shopping center with 12-, 30-, and 40-story buildings.

Since then I have been facing fights with my neighbors.

Along Rowan Street, Kane wants to build up to 12 stories high. This is the shortest of the towers.

The developers have now agreed to “take a step back” on the building. That is, the tallest part towers over these houses, not along the street.

Larry Helfant wanted to prevent it when he and his neighbors helped build Midtown Street. Albans area plan.

“There were too many developments per project, and no one was looking at the overall impact on the area,” says Helfant.

The Raleigh City Council approved this growth guide just two years ago. He recommended infrastructure upgrades and his 20-story tower limit in new developments.

“This is a great plan. It allows for proper zoning of the area and proper road construction,” says Helfant. “And it’s been ignored to this day.”

hellfant see it happening now At the suggestion of Kane Realty.

Developers hope to build up to 30 stories along Lassiter Mill Road and up to 40 stories along Six Forks Road.

For these tallest towers, Kane is now proposing to include affordable apartments based on Midtown’s median income and seeking approval for this rezoning.

Jamie Shwedler, the developer’s attorney, described them to the City Council Commission as 600-square-foot “microunits” renting for about $1,500.

“I think it’s going to be a really meaningful step, not just to provide affordable housing, but to provide affordable housing in the midtown area plan and where the community wants us to go,” Schwedler said. said.

Kane is also donating city land for a larger fire station, a new transportation hub and bike trails.

However, no road improvements are planned.

“We are trying to strike the right balance,” said Raleigh City Councilman Patrick Bufkin. Please make sure it is done.”

Helfand hopes Midtown area plans aren’t scrapped for skyscrapers.

“We have to stick to it,” Helfand said. “Otherwise, developers can build whatever heights they want to build.”

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