Home News News 4 looks for answers from property owners after residents complain of mold, mice, spiders and forgotten maintenance requests

News 4 looks for answers from property owners after residents complain of mold, mice, spiders and forgotten maintenance requests

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV)-Broken fixtures, stripped tiles, and insect-studded properties have frustrated and despaired some of St. Louis’s inhabitants. News 4 said that residents must be the ones who mow the lawn of the property because of the prevalence of problems in a local apartment complex.

All of these issues are occurring at Etzel Apartments in North City.

In early May, Breonna Harris, a tenant of Etzel Apartments, contacted News4. She shared a photo of the unit under her that appears to be covered with mold from floor to ceiling.

“I saw it like disgust,” Harris said.

Harris has lived in Etzel Apartments for nearly a decade and has lived in a place that looks like a moldy apartment for over a year.

“We’ve been sick for the past two months. The congestion that can be caused by mold and the difficulty in breathing,” explained Harris.

News 4 also spoke with Portia Jefferson in May. She said she had been dealing with broken furnaces and stairs for months.

“this is [the furnace] It’s still a bit cold at night because it’s not working as it should. You can’t warm the kids, “Jefferson said.

Stairs are also a major concern for Jefferson, she said, and she is now demanding maintenance to repair for months.

“My mother can’t come to enjoy her grandchildren. She can hardly come up and down the stairs because she doesn’t come to repair the rails,” Jefferson said.

She said Jefferson’s other problems came from weeds outside her home. She sent four pictures of giant spiders to the news inside and outside her house.

“They are places where insects are hiding, ants and mice are there, and spiders are there,” Jefferson explained.

The two mothers showed a picture of their daughter’s bite and inflamed lips after saying they had been bitten by a spider.

“Every time I see it, it gets bigger and bigger,” Jefferson said.

In May, News 4 went to the Property Management Office to get an answer. The complex is owned by Vatterott Properties. The property manager at the office at the time told me to call the company number. The call was sent to voicemail and no one was calling back. However, some work has been done since News 4 was called.

“You guys are here, so they reinstalled it,” Jefferson said, referring to her stairs.

Jefferson, however, said her furnace was still broken.

“The excuse now is,’Well, I haven’t turned on the kamado anyway,'” Jefferson added.

Residents said the tall grass and weeds got out of hand because the freshly cut grass seen on Wednesday came from a tenant who had cut and landscaped himself. Harris also said that the manager cleaned and burned down the unit under her that contained a lot of mold.

On Wednesday, News4 tried to call Vatterott Properties again, but the call was sent to a second voicemail.

“Say something. We should be treated as we are, and we are tired of living as we are,” Jefferson said.

Harris, who will move in a few weeks, said he would never put himself or his children in another predicament.

News 4 checked the Google review of Vatterott Properties. This is also associated with Vatterott Construction. According to Google, they have a rating of 2.4 / 5. Many people leave reviews with just one star. The overwhelming consensus from these reviews is that property managers simply do not answer phone or service requests.

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