Home News New York City uses 1907 law to deny all Hurricane Ida property claims – The Hill

New York City uses 1907 law to deny all Hurricane Ida property claims – The Hill

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  • All 4,703 property damage claims filed by victims of Hurricane Ida were dismissed by city auditor Brad Lander.

  • Debris from a Category 4 hurricane caused flooding in the city last September after dumping more than three inches of water an hour.

  • This water quickly overwhelmed the city’s sewer system, which can only accommodate about two inches of rainfall per hour.

New York City uses a 100-year-old rule to deny property damage claims from victims of Hurricane Ida.

A total of 4,703 claims related to the deadly storm were filed, all of which were denied by the city’s Comptroller, Brad Lander (The City). first reported.

Inspector Landor’s office has confirmed to The Hill that all 4,703 claims have been dismissed.

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A Category 4 hurricane hit New Orleans in early September, and storm debris broke the Big Apple’s rainfall record.

A storm dumps more than 3 inches of water into Central Park within an hour, quickly wiping out the city’s 100-year-old sewer system designed to handle only up to 2 inches of rainfall per hour. Overwhelmed.

A rapid influx of water caused flash floods across the Tri-State area, killing at least 13 people in New York City. Most of them lived in basement flats in Queens.

Most of the claims allege that it was the city’s sewer system’s negligence that led to the devastating floods, and the Comptroller’s Office sought to determine whether it was indeed negligence that caused the floods. promised to investigate each claim, but its decision was based on 1907. legal decision According to Lander’s letter, it does not hold local governments accountable for damage caused by “abnormal or excessive” rainfall.

“For more than a century, courts have ruled that local governments throughout New York State, including New York City, are not liable for damages caused by ‘abnormal and excessive rainfall. For New York City, the city may be liable. But that was not the case here,” the letter said.

“As a result, New York City is not responsible for losses from Hurricane Ida and your claim must be dismissed.”

Lander added in the letter that if New York City residents wanted to file a claim, they had until November 30 to do so, navigating the complex network of relief programs and insurance documents needed after a natural disaster. To gate, the city needs to do more, he wrote. .

New York officials, including Rep. Grace Menn, a Democrat, have called for an update to the city’s aging infrastructure and warned against using outdated precedents.

“NYC/NYS must use billions of dollars of Congress-reserved infrastructure to repair sewer infrastructure. I’m experiencing it,” Meng tweeted. “My voters, including the families of those who died, have no time to play this blame game.”

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