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New York AG Letitia James Investigates Real Estate Giant Cushman & Wakefield for Helping Donald Trump

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Attorney General of New York is investigating Trump organizations in official documents to create fake asset values, and lawyers said on Monday that one of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies is investigating its role in planning. Revealed: Cushman & Wakefield.

On Monday, a lawyer at the office of AG Letitia James said Real estate companies are now the core players Expanded investigation into alleged bank fraud by Trump family companies.

“They are right in the middle of it,” Austin Thompson, Assistant Secretary of Justice, said in court. Mentioned what the investigators found as a role.

Based in Chicago and operating around the world, Cushman & Wakefield provided advisors to help former President Donald Trump’s company value assets in California and New York. The company suddenly cut off its relationship with the Trump organization the day after the January 6, 2021 riots.

AG’s office is now a suspicious move in which the company’s decision to stay away from Trump itself is a suspicious move similar to a recent decision by global accounting firm Mothers USA to abandon Trump, and their job for him. I am taking the position of denying.

“The noisy exit from Cushman & Wakefield … I think it’s another danger signal, and I want to know more about it,” Thompson said.

Real estate lawyer Thorny A. McKentia painted another picture. He said the company worked with AG’s many years of investigation, filed documents after receiving four subpoenas, and had six employees provide investigators with witness testimony.

“We have never ignored the Attorney General’s subpoena and never exceeded the law,” McKentia said.

The question now is whether the Attorney General’s office can get more evidence. In particular, it seems that the investigation has become hot and it is now possible to sue the Trump Organization for violating New York’s business law.

“Evidence shows that Kushman was wrapped in misrepresentation by Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization, just like most other entities,” Thompson told the judge on Monday.

According to people familiar with real estate company interactions, AG’s office has been quietly in contact with real estate companies since June 2019. However, law enforcement agencies have increased pressure on the company in recent weeks.

On April 8, investigators intervened in a state court judge and asked the company to submit records that reflected how employees valued non-Trump real estate. Lawyers at the AG office want to see how they compare to better assess how and why Cushman & Wakefield gave Trump such a rosy rating. explained.

But on Monday, Cushman & Wakefield’s legal team sought to portray this as an unfair and unfair detail of the company’s “very exclusive, private, sensitive data.”

McKentia, a Texas lawyer, said:

Judge Arthur F. Engoron argued that this was not a normal proceeding. “The Attorney General is empowered to investigate how businesses operate in this state,” he said.

The judge ordered Cushman & Wakefield to submit the records requested by the investigator and to submit them to the company until May 27, ending the hearing.

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