Home News New property tax freeze for Maine seniors will cost millions

New property tax freeze for Maine seniors will cost millions

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Augusta, Maine — A radical new program aimed at freezing property taxes on senior citizens in Maine faces a major question from local authorities that must be implemented approximately two weeks before it goes into effect. increase.

Measures under radar include median age Second highest home ownership rate.. In 2017, nearly 80% of Maine over the age of 65 owned a home. According to census data.. This means that more than 200,000 people can see property tax payments frozen under this program, and the state has closed the gap with municipalities to reduce tax payments. ..

However, cities and towns do not know how many residents are eligible for the program that Maine must opt ​​in at the city hall each year. It will be higher in the coming years as the population ages and more people enroll in new programs with few income and other restrictions.

The state has provided only the small amount of money it needs so far, and this is just one of the reasons some local government employees are worried about doing so.

Kelly Reichtmann, tax assessor at Camden and Rockport, said: “So it will have an administrative impact on us for quite some time.”

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