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New apartments and retail will bring people to Richardson’s old town center

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From the North Central Expressway, you can’t miss the big changes coming to Richardson’s historic downtown district.

The new mixed-use development sits five stories above what used to be a parking lot just east of the highway.

A new apartment and retail building called Belt & Main is the most visible sign of efforts to revitalize Richardson’s old town center.

City leaders and property owners furnish the commercial district that Richardson started as a railroad whistle stop and farming community in the late 1880s.

The Belt & Main development is built on the original site of an old cotton gin called Big Red.

“Our property is literally where Richardson was founded and where the town began,” said Paris Rutherford, principal of builder Catalyst Urban Development LLC. “The city has been working on revitalizing the center for the last ten years.

“Everything is starting to come together,” said Rutherford. “The Orcs of Dallas He’s like Richardson’s version of Bishop in the Cliffs His Arts.”

Belt and main projects have been delayed due to the pandemic, but the mixed-use building is expected to open this winter.

“We’re almost halfway through construction,” Rutherford said.

The development will include 350 apartments over approximately 15,000 square feet of retail space.

The rental community includes a large courtyard with fitness center and swimming pool.

“We have a garage with retail, public parking, residential and office parking,” says Rutherford.

The Belt & Main development on Main Street in Richardson includes apartments and retail.(Catalyst town planning)

Belt & Main is built on what used to be a flat parking lot in the adjacent Chase Bank building.

The development will occupy approximately 14 acres between the bank tower and the DART commuter rail line.

The second phase of the project includes townhomes.

“This is part of an entire downtown Richardson redevelopment,” says Rutherford. “The city is bringing in some new parks that will be fitted when we’re done.”

He said the linear park would extend along the elevated section of the railway line.

The Belt & Main development is part of a larger investment by Richardson to upgrade the streets and sidewalks along Main Street. The city refers to Main Street and adjacent streets as the Core District.

Investments in the area included Richardson’s new $80 million public safety facility on Main and Greenville Avenues.

“In addition to the Belt & Main project and significant urban investment in new main street cross-sections, open spaces and public facilities, we are partnering with other property owners to prepare additional reinvestments in the area. We have built a modernization project,” said Richardson City Manager. Don Magner said. “And we have continued to support small local businesses by partnering on relocation grants and business development assistance.

“We believe the region is poised for even more private investment, and we will continue to support it with subdistrict-specific events and programs.”

Other suburban cities north of Dallas, such as Plano, McKinney, and Frisco, have successfully upgraded their old downtowns.

Catalyst Urban Development has already pre-leased new retail space along Main Street, which is expected to attract restaurant tenants.

Thomas Glendenning of Shop Cos., which leases the project, said:

The first phase of the Richardson belt and main multi-use project will begin this winter.
The first phase of the Richardson belt and main multi-use project will begin this winter.(Contribution / Catalyst Community Development)

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