Home News Need an office building in downtown Jackson? The city wants to sell you one.

Need an office building in downtown Jackson? The city wants to sell you one.

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Jackson, Mississippi (WLBT) – One property in downtown Jackson may soon become taxable.

Jackson is seeking bids to sell a city-owned property at 400 E. Cyrus Brown Street.

Minimum asking price is $25,000. Interested parties must submit their bids by Tuesday, Oct. 4, according to the city’s bidding documents.

“We know it’s a beautiful building, and we want to give people the opportunity to buy it, restore it, and bring it back to life.” I wanted to move forward to see if I could get any offers.

The building has been vacant for about 15 years. Today its glass windows are broken and covered with boards. There is evidence that the facility has been used by the homeless.

Proposals will be evaluated by the city’s Surplus Property Board, which will also consider bidders’ proposals for the facility, Dotson said. “Their responsibility is to ensure that the building doesn’t look like there’s something done in it, that it’s empty, and that it’s not in compliance with the rules,” she said.

She said various uses have been suggested, including turning the site into a community or educational center, or using the facility to start a business.

Jackson is working to bring one property back to taxable status, while also demolishing three other dilapidated buildings.

A window in the Charles Tisdale Library was knocked out after city officials attempted to secure the building.(WLBT)

On September 13, the City Council awarded Socrates Garrett Enterprises a $60,000 contract to demolish the dilapidated structure at 807 E. Northside Dr. And at next week’s meeting, the city council plans to vote on his $49,000 contract to demolish two abandoned buildings. He on Pascagoula Street is on the 200 block.

As for the North Side Drive structure, it was once home to the Charles Tisdale Library. However, it closed in 2017 due to flood damage and black mold problems. The Jackson/Hines Library System returned the building to the city in 2019.

The winning bid to demolish the former library was submitted in August by Garrett Enterprises at S48,500. It was unclear why the amount had increased.

The Pascagoula structure, located near the parking lot of the Jackson Convention Center, was an eyesore for years.

Dotson said the crew could begin demolition of all three structures in the next 45 to 60 days, pending clearance from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Agencies should revisit plans to ensure that environmentally hazardous substances, such as asbestos, are not released during demolition operations.

She predicts nothing will stop MDEQ from approving the work.

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