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Narrow House in Washington, DC, Listed for $3.5 Million: Photos

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Architect Jahangir Darvish designed and built a tiny house in Washington, DC for his family. After living there for over 30 years, he lists the house at his $3.5 million.

exterior of the house.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

Located in the Palisades district, the 3-story home is 3,590 square feet with a 1-car garage. listing.

“This is the only narrow house on the street,” Lorraine Arora, a family friend and managing broker for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, told Insider. “It’s just a lot. Because the lot is long.” , can’t build a bigger house, so he customized it to get the most out of it.”

This is the first time the Darvish couple have put the tiny house up for sale since it was built in 1985. listing record show.

The average price of a home in the Palisades area is $1.8 million, according to the real estate platform. Realtor.comThere are 25 single-family homes for sale in the area, priced between $900,000 and $10.99 million.

Fulwa Chapman of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services keeps the list.

Darvish built the house over an earlier building on the site. Arora said he kept the walls of the original house and turned it into a narrow house basement.

The original house is in the basement

How it incorporates into the new building as the original home, left, and basement.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

The sides of the house still have the red walls of the original house.

Due to local building codes at the time, the original structure had to be maintained.

“We had to keep at least one wall,” said Arora.

The main entrance hallway has black tile floors and white walls with red accents throughout. A semi-spiral staircase next to the hallway leads to the upper floors.

Entrance to home.

Entrance to home.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

The distinctive red, black, and white color scheme is repeated in several rooms throughout the house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

“He loves color,” Arora said. “And they were also popular colors at the time the house was built.”

Darvish designed a semi-spiral staircase to resemble a nautilus shell when viewed from above.

stairs seen from above

Stairs seen from above.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

“If you look down at the stairs, they’re circular and look like shells,” says Arora.

He also cut out small alcoves along the walls of the staircase to make them windows and display shelves for his art collection, she added.

To create the illusion of more space, Darvish added an arched doorway and curved ceiling to the living room.

The interior of the house has an arched doorway.

The interior of the house has an arched doorway.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

Arches give the impression that the house extends as far as the eye can see, making the interior appear larger than it actually is.

“My house is small, but when I’m inside, it doesn’t bother me so much,” says Arora.

She said curved features were considered “good feng shui”, so there are no sharp corners in space.

Upstairs kitchen with red and black appliances and cabinets.

black and red kitchen

The kitchen is red, black and white.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

Arora says the island counter has a custom red sink and two cooking ranges, electric and gas.

Darvish also created a breakfast nook in the corner.

“They were for his children,” Arora said. “But now it’s his grandchildren sitting there eating breakfast and watching someone cook.”

The house has 3 bedrooms, all on the top floor.

one of the bedrooms in the house

One of the bedrooms in the house.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

Arora said the bedroom windows are made of tinted glass for privacy.

“You don’t have to drape it because you can’t see inside, so you can let in natural light,” she added.

There are four bathrooms in all, featuring a red, black and white color scheme.

One of the bathrooms in the house.

One of the bathrooms in the house.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

Arora believes the home, with its unique architectural features, will appeal to those with a taste for design.

“To me, the ideal buyer is someone who wants a one-of-a-kind custom home with structurally sound bones,” she said. It’s very customized to suit, but still eclectic to suit everyone’s taste.”

The sunroom at the back of the house has a wall of glass overlooking the backyard.

The room at the back of the house has a wall of glass overlooking the backyard.

The room at the back of the house has a wall of glass overlooking the backyard.

JJ Gagliardi/Changeover Media

The room used to be Darvish’s studio, but Arora said it’s been converted into a sunroom where the family can hang out.

Darvish and his wife are selling the house because they’re getting older and want to move to Los Angeles with their kids, she added.

“They loved their home. It was a place to spend time and enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren,” says Arora. “There is no other house like this anywhere in the world.”

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