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Naftali Moves to Demolish Building Despite Holdout Tenant

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Mikine Futari and 215 West 84th Street (Getty)

Miki Naphtali is ready to bring the wrecking ball to the Upper West Side apartment. He plans to convert it into a luxury condominium.But of the building Lonely holdout tenant He says he won’t go anywhere.

The Naphtali Group submitted a demolition plan this week at 215 West 84th Street. This will be replaced by Crain’s, a 16-story condominium building developed by developers. report..

It does not indicate that Naphtali is approaching the removal of the penthouse tenant Ahmet Oz, but if the developer finally succeeds in emptying the building, it will help speed things up. There is a possibility.

Oz’s lawyer, Adam Leitman Bailey, accused Naphtali of illegally pressured clients to open units, and the city council built the building in May. Harassment prevention programThis will slow down the project even further.

Naftali has filed two proceedings against the tenant. One is seeking his eviction and the other is seeking $ 25 million in damages for delaying the project. Developer lawyer Y. David Scharf accused Bailey of: Abuse the legal system And the media “forces cash payments” by Oz.

Oz’s counterclaim included allegations that Naphtali was trying to punish him for “fearing” him and filing an emergency rental assistance application that could protect the tenant from moving out for up to a year. increase.

In a court filing this week, Bailey claimed that Naphtali had tampered with Oz’s gas and hot water supply, cut off electricity in common areas, and began operating a very large generator early in the morning. [Ozsu’s] A life as miserable as possible. “

Oz’s monthly debt expired last year, and he declined a $ 30,000 offer to leave the New York Times, the market-priced unit he had occupied since 2006. report During April. Naftali claims that Ozsu wants a seven-digit payday.

“The recent submission of a dismantling permit shows our confidence that this frivolous claim will be resolved in our favor,” Scharf told Crain’s this week.

May, Naphtali Permission submitted A 16-story multipurpose building on site with 45 luxury condominiums on 155,000 square feet.

Naphtali bought real estate for $ 70.3 million a year ago

— Holden Walter-Warner

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