Home News My side hustle helps me make $1,000 dollars for every address I write down

My side hustle helps me make $1,000 dollars for every address I write down

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A SIDE Hustle expert has shown you a super easy way to make money with just a notebook, a pen and your phone.

Hustle is called Bird Dog and is super straight.


Bryan Tate is a side hustle expert and has posted tons of videos on how to make easy money.credit:
Brian said you can find real estate investors on Facebook


Brian said you can find real estate investors on Facebookcredit:

A bird dog is someone who seeks to find properties for real estate investors.

Bryan Tate is a hustler who shared this bird dog job with over 102,000 TikTok followers.

Brian walks bymake money with brian Known for sharing tons of creative ways to make extra cash on TikTok.

he Posted a TikTok We reveal how easy it is to make thousands of dollars in the real estate industry.

Earn up to $90 an hour in this side hustle without leaving your bed
Earned $275,000 in 6 years by reselling a side business on top of my full-time job

This Bird Dog Hustle costs nothing to get started and can be done in a few simple steps.

Get your notebook, pen, and phone ready to get started.

Brian then said he was looking for a home or property that seemed to be in trouble.

This means looking for properties with chipped paint, tall grass, or other parts of the house that may need repairs.

Brian told me to stop, take notes, write down the address, and take a picture with my cell phone.

Once you have a list of properties, you give it to the real estate investor who wants to buy them.

For every property an investor purchases, the price must be agreed upon by both parties, and a fee of $500 to $1,000 is paid.

Note that Bird Dogs usually only get paid when the property is sold.

where to find real estate investors

Finding an investor may be easier than you think.

Real estate investors are often too busy doing higher-level activities to spend a few hours driving to find a potential property.

This is why they are willing to pay you to do their foot work.

Bryan said in his comments that a good source of information for finding investors is to head to a local real estate meetup.

Additionally, there are many real estate Facebook groups where you can connect with them and discuss pricing and potential working relationships.

Brian said it was essential to have a contract in order to protect himself.

You can also do a quick Google search to see how others have done it.

Other easy side jobs

If you already have a full-time gig, putting too much extra work into another job can be exhausting and time consuming.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free side hustle, user testing and surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash.

Both of these side businesses require minimal effort to earn a decent amount of cash.

Site testers can earn up to $60 per test, applicable to web and mobile platforms.

Best platform to start User test.

Simply visit the website, complete the tasks set by the site owner, submit your feedback, and receive your money.

Another site that pays to test websites and apps is Usability.

Userlytics is a research platform with over 1.5 million users, providing insights to improve customer and user experience.

Testers can be run from mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

Many testers love this platform because, in addition to getting paid, they tend to get behind-the-scenes information on popular brands.

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