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Murphy touts ‘historic and direct property tax relief’ as he signs $50.6B N.J. budget

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Governor Phil Murphy Signed on thursday $ 50.6 billion state budget This will increase spending to record levels, thanks to this year’s unprecedented surge in tax revenues, which has brought a surplus of about $ 11 billion to democratic leaders.

Massive storms have been the largest property tax relief program in more than a decade, two consecutive full payments of nearly $ 7 billion to the New Jersey civil service pension fund, state-level child tax credits, and more than $ 6. It is accelerating the historic surplus. $ 1 billion to prepare the state for the upcoming difficult times.

Murphy joins the chair of the State Senate Nicholas StariD-Union, and Chairman of the State Legislature Craig Cofflin, D-Middlesex, Thursday morning signing a spending bill at the Cranford High School Library. The three Democrats negotiated a new budget, mostly in a closed room, and most lawmakers didn’t see the final draft until late Monday night, just minutes before the budget committee voted to approve the bill.

The governor thanked his fellow leaders for “sharing a commitment to the nation that not only meets the needs of the population, but also supports those words in action and investment.”

“This budget priority is our family’s priority, and currently at the top of this list is affordable,” Murphy said before signing the spending plan. Covers Fiscal Year 2023 It starts on Friday.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will sign a $ 50.6 billion state budget for the new fiscal year beginning July 1. Murphy joined his fellow Democratic state leaders for a signing ceremony at the Cranford High School Library in Cranford on Thursday.

The center of the new budget is $ 2 Billion Property Tax Relief Program Known as an anchor. It simplifies and extends Homestead Rebates and offers homeowners up to $ 1,500 and lessors $ 450 checks.

This initiative was part of Murphy’s original $ 48.9 billion budget. Announced in early March.. Democratic leaders in Trenton have chosen to expand the program after the May revenue renewal, which New Jersey has shown that this year’s tax collection is expected to exceed $ 9 billion.

Murphy said Thursday that the new program would reduce the average homeowner’s property tax by 16%.

“This will bring the watch back to the level of about 2011,” he said. “This is a historic and direct property tax reduction.”

The final spending plan will include other small “affordable” initiatives. This includes a $ 60 million driver’s license renewal exemption, a marriage license and license fee for certain medical professionals, a free state park starting Friday, and a 10-day sales tax holiday. -School supplies that will come into effect later this summer.

Scutari, who came from the floor of the Senator’s office in Trenton on Wednesday, called it the “largest budget” in state history. He reiterated in his signature on Thursday.

“People in New Jersey will see a fair amount of money to offset property taxes,” Scutari said. “Tax cuts are unprecedented.”

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But the final budget is Passed the legislative committee When Complete parliament This week, after being released late Monday night, criticism came from state-wide supporters, environmentalists, business leaders, budget experts and policy makers.

In a statement released Thursday, Senator Declan O’Scanlon of R-Monmas said the tax cuts included in the spending plan weren’t enough and would take time to reach New Jersey residents in need now. Said it was too much.

“The delayed and unsuccessful tax relief efforts in the Democratic budget when the state is ridiculously full of money will fall as one of the biggest missed opportunities in New Jersey’s history.” Republican budget officer Oskanron said the Senate.

Senate Budget Committee Oskanron and his Republicans took less than 25 minutes to review the final draft of the state budget before voting at the Commission’s hearing on Monday night.

New Jersey homeowners and lessors will not receive property tax refunds through the new ANCHOR program until May 2023. Also, another bill to establish the Garden State’s first child tax credit will not allow families to see the deduction until 2024.

“Sadly, the Democrats have chosen to significantly increase pork spending and set up a large slush fund, which helps families in New Jersey suffering from rising gas prices, rising inflation and property taxes. You can’t, “says Oskanron.

With bipartisan support, a law that uses surplus and federal funds to replenish the state’s unemployment insurance fund, which is likely to take place this week, has also been withdrawn at the last minute. New Jersey companies are currently facing a $ 300 million tax increase to replenish the unemployment fund after the unemployment fund was exhausted during the pandemic.

“In addition to currently providing virtually no financial assistance to the business community, the state intends to put employers in socks with a tax increase starting in July,” said Tom Bracken, president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. rice field. “This action claims that there is no tax increase in the budget and sends a very negative message to the business community.”

Murphy dismissed many of the criticisms Thursday when he told reporters after signing the budget, adding that the affordable initiative “provided dramatic relief, some of which are now here.” ..

“We are doing three things that we thought no one could do at the same time: historic affordable relief, historic investment in the future, and financial responsibility. “While we are,” Murphy said. “We are working on this in different ways, and we will not stop …. We will continue to look for ways to provide affordable relief to our citizens.”

When asked if there was an arrangement for construction after the State Senate withdrew the unemployment insurance tax bill, Murphy said he was “always open-minded.”

“But I also want to make sure we get the maximum value on top of it for our spending,” he said.

This is the highest batting average budget in the history of the state. Is it perfect? No, “Murphy added. “Did we reach the overwhelming amount of needs there? There is no budget close to this in the history of our state, and we will continue to meet unmet needs. I will continue to strive to respond to. “

Leftist supporters were also critical of spending plans.

Many New Jersey, a state-wide coalition of supporters and policy experts, blamed the lack of transparency and accountability in the budgeting process, saying in a statement, “Budget transactions in the back room need the most help. It hurt the inhabitants. “

“I commend this budget for housing, education, reproductive health, and our commitment to new child tax credits,” said Marcia Marley, President of BlueWave NJ, in a statement. “Unfortunately, enough about transportation and infrastructure issues that exclude many working families like the immigrant community, miss the opportunity to address the racial wealth gap, and continue to ignore the need for dedicated funding. Not bold. “

Nicole Rodriguez, a leftist president who appreciates New Jersey’s policy outlook, said this year’s plunge in tax revenues would provide support and direct relief to New Jersey working-class residents, immigrant families, and essentials. Workers “faced serious financial challenges since the pandemic” said they provided a “great opportunity” to use this budget to provide.

“Instead, their voice was locked out of the budget process, but behind-the-scenes deals secured hundreds of millions of dollars in pet projects and corporate giveaways,” Rodriguez said. “As the population grows and diversifies, New Jersey should not be in a state where a small number of powerful people make decisions that affect many without considering their voices.”

Environmentalists handing out leaflets at the budget signing ceremony on Thursday also lack funds to meet Murphy’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 to combat climate change. It states.

The Governor and Democratic leaders also agreed that most economists and financial experts are on the verge of a recession, as New Jersey approaches the fiscal cliff leaving the state. It has been accused of raising spending by more than 9%, and is billions of dollars short of what it takes to maintain government services.

However, leaders have used a significant portion of their revenue surplus to repair the state’s devastated balance sheet, contribute to nearly $ 7 billion in underfunded pension plans, and the largest surplus in state history at $ 6.8 billion. To secure and prepare for New Jersey. Jersey for imminent deceleration.

“This budget will be invested a year ahead, but we’re also focusing on leaving New Jersey for our children and helping our grandchildren improve their finances better than they are now,” Murphy said. He added that it would help maintain the state. He sends the message “We are serious” to the recession and credit bureaus.

Parliamentary Chair Coughlin said the budget “reflects our values.” And that means that we put people first. “

“The truth of the matter is that if we count all the people who have benefited from this budget, there will be 9.3 million people in this room,” Coughlin said, referring to the entire population of New Jersey.

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