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Moving? Here’s How to Keep Your Costs Low.

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The negotiations paid off when Lauren Greene moved from Los Angeles to Pasadena, California, in June. Several moving companies have asked Ms. Greene, the law firm’s training and development coordinator, to pay a per-mile premium to cover rising fuel costs. “I ended up negotiating with multiple moving companies,” she said. “In the end, instead of paying a premium on the per-mile rate, she avoided the extra charge by agreeing to a three-hour minimum flat rate of $150 per hour.”

Movers charge extra for boxes, wraps, tape, and other packing materials, so it’s best to bring your own moving supplies. That’s what Blake Young did when he moved from San Francisco to New Orleans in July. I received a free box. Facebook Marketplace, don’t buy anything groups and Craigslist are also good sources for free moving supplies.

Many local movers charge by the hour. Long-distance movers, meanwhile, base their rates on the distance and weight of a move, said Ryan Carrigan, co-founder of moveBuddha, a company that collects moving data. In any case, be sure to get a written contract outlining the terms of the move, including taxes and fees. Young, who moved to New Orleans from San Francisco, received a moving quote, but the company later charged him extra because the movers had to climb stairs to get to his apartment. said he did.

If you are being transferred for a new job, your company may help you pay your bills. Investigation According to a survey of 1,000 workers who recently moved for work by US moving company Allied Van Lines, about 64% said they received some form of relocation expense package from their employer.

When social media manager Courtney Durham and supply chain analyst John Durham moved from Omaha to Atlanta in June with their newborn, they used Durham’s employer to offset moving costs. “Before I looked for work outside of where I used to live, I knew I couldn’t afford relocation assistance unless it was offered,” Durham said.

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