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Moreland Avenue eyesore bites the dust for more eastside housing

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Atlanta tendency Demolishing outdated or abandoned church property for more housing continues near the intersection of two major intown streets.

Atlanta-based Jack Bilt Development has completed the dismantling of the vacant Reynoldstown Church and recently began field work on 183 Moreland Avenue.

Approximately 0.5 acres of land, primarily used for ground parking, are located just north of Memorial Drive, near the northwest corner of Moreland Avenue and Arclight Place. Proxima Development previously planned to build a town home there, but records show that it later sold the property.

The property on 183 Moreland Avenue near the intersection of Arclight Place, which was seen before this month’s demolition. Google map

The place where a devastated 1920s church was destroyed along Moreland Avenue this week. Josh Green / Urbanize Atlanta

JackBilt will build 16 town homes along Moreland Avenue, participate in a sister’s 18 town home project a few blocks from Memorial Drive, and build a total of 34 new homes in two different districts.

As of 2018, the Moreland Avenue property was operating as a parking lot adjacent to Atlanta’s refreshing Ward Fellowship Church. But before this week’s dismantling, it was vacant for several years and was devastated.

Josh Green / Urbanize Atlanta

According to LoopNet’s list, the two-story church building was built in 1924 and once housed the affluent world ministry.

It was repartitioned in 2020 to accommodate mixed floor area ratio residential and commercial use. Previous conditions stipulated that the church building could only be used as an antique store, but it has been removed.

Allowing paperwork from early 2021 will increase the height of the town home to up to 40 feet and will include 34 parking spaces.

Zillow shows a property sold for $ 1.68 million last May. Corner plots with auto-detailing businesses and food trucks running along Arclight Place are not included.

Meanwhile, just around the corner of Memorial Drive, construction of Jack Built is underway for months in a vacant lot on 1237 Memorial Drive.

Its 0.8-acre site lies along the south side of the Memorial, just east of Moreland Avenue in Edgewood.

Plans on the south side of Memorial Drive, just east of Moreland.McMillan Paz Dance Miss Architecture

The plan calls for 18 town homes, also designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, to be built there and to participate in the wave of town home construction along the Memorial Corridor.

According to a plan offered last year by Edgewood’s zoning leader to urbanize Atlanta, 10 units have a rooftop, north-facing units have a porch overlooking Memorial Drive, and are partially wooded from the road. It is buffered in. Each has a garage of two cars.

We asked for more information on Moreland Avenue and Memorial Drive town home sizes, final prices, ETAs, and updated renderings. If that happens, expect this story to be updated or compiled separately.

Jack Bilt’s other town home projects on the eastern side of Atlanta include Warren In Kirkwood Warren South In park view, and L Square At East Lake.

•• The final stage of building a large town home, The Moderns, moves forward (Urbanization of Atlanta)

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