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More Store-To-Apartment Conversions OK’d | New Haven Independent

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846 Parliament’s empty storefront, now approved for home renovation.

The New Jersey-based landlord has obtained permission to turn two vacant Congress Avenue stores into two two-bedroom apartments.

A holding company called the landlord 846 – – 850meeting LLC Is managed by New Jersey-based investor Myer Kahan and has been granted permission at a recent regular meeting of the City Planning Commission.

The virtual meeting was held online last week via Zoom.

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City planning committee meeting.

Kahan’s company, represented by local lawyer Ben Trachten, had two special permit applications on the agenda before the local land use committee.

We asked for a residential permit on the first floor of a two-story, four-unit multipurpose building. 846 Congress Avenue. The other asked for a residential permit on the first floor of an adjacent 3-story, 6-unit multipurpose building. 848Congress Avenue.

Both buildings currently have apartments on the upper floors and vacant commercial stores on the first floor of each.

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848 and 848 Congress Avenue.

In both cases, Trachten explained to the Commissioner, his client wants to convert free retail space — previously. ..“” California grocery 846Congress, formerly ..“” California coin laundry ” 848Congress — in a new two-bedroom apartment.

“” The property is mainly in the neighborhood, which is a residential area, “Trachten said. 846Parliamentary special permit application.

That building ..“”At some point ” ..“”“Neighborhood groceries,” he said. ..“”Owners find it very difficult to rent to a responsible tenant. This conversion can be undone at any time in the future if demand in the neighborhood returns. “

But Trachten continued, ..“” Economic feasibility [for another groundfloor store] Not possible at this location. “

Therefore, the landlord’s request to convert the space into a new two-bedroom apartment. Trachten created a similar pitch for the empty ground floor space. 848A parliament that once housed a laundromat.

Leslie Radcliffe, chairman of the city planning committee, cast her support behind the application as chairman of the committee and as a long-time resident of the Hill district.

“” There are enough convenience stores, “she said. 846Parliamentary special permit application. ..“” If you don’t have another one, it won’t hurt. It would be a plus to be able to offer more homes, and hopefully very nice homes in the area. “

848 A laundromat currently closed in Congress.

Washing machine and dryer seen from the front window of a closed business.

Radcliffe also supported 848The parliamentary application, despite her recognition, ..“” I needed a laundromat in my neighborhood. ” However, she supported the proposed home renovation because it was closed and did not seem to come back soon.

Reflecting the architectural details of the upper floors848Congress Avenue façade Lacliffe to Tracten and his clients ..“”make [the downstairs converted apartment] cool. “She realized that the City Planning Commission had virtually no authority over design and aesthetics during the special permit review process.

Nevertheless, she pleaed her.

But please do not ..“”I close the window and throw something so that I can close it and call it an apartment, “she said.Instead, please ..“”Something that makes the building look good. “

Trachten has promised to relay the message to the client. ..“”This relatively scary façade will be more beautiful and more suitable for residential use in corner lots, “he said.

Before the Commissioner unanimously voted to support both special permit applications, Westville Alder and City Planning Commissioner Adam Merchand said: ..“”This committee is generally active in converting commercial spaces on the ground floor to residential use.

In fact, over the past few years, the local land use committee has approved such an application. Also When Also When Also When AlsoAs the landlord explains the difficulty of finding a commercial tenant that occupies a long empty ground floor space, and the growing demand for a place to live.

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