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More details, pricing emerge for unique Downing Park development

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The promotion of the unique Druid Hills project, which qualifies for both infill and adaptive use, has begun, but at least in the early stages, it’s certainly not an affordable home by most standards.

Continuing the willingness to rebuild the assets of the Atlanta Church, the Downing Park Project replaces the destroyed Jackson Hill Baptist Church with the property collectively known as Pine Bloom on the border between Druid Hills and Candler Park. Converted from a historic Tudor mansion. Ultimately, South Ponce Deleon Avenue in 1585 will offer four luxury housing plans, from condos to spacious manor houses to a carriage house like no other in Atlanta.

According to Sam Morgan, Sales Director of Engel & Völkers Atlanta, the Downing Park preserved 11 villas, 2 separate manor houses, a restored and reused carriage house on the south side of the building, and an overhaul. Includes 5 condos in the mansion.

The five condos are considered Phase 2 and are not for sale. All other options considered Phase 1 are currently on the market.

Prices range from $ 1.3 million to $ 2.45 million so far, according to Morgan.

Shared facilities of the downing park on the left and the planned villa. The photo on the right is the garage. Downing Park / Engel & Volkers Atlanta / M.Chrisler design

At the smaller end, the property carriage house has been transformed into a 2,074 sq ft, three-bedroom home.

The villa, on the other hand, has three or four bedrooms and is 2,754 to 3,616 square feet in size.

Located next to Candler Park and PATH Foundation’s Freedom Park Trail, away from Ponsdereon Avenue, the Manor Home has six bedrooms each and a relatively large internal volume of approximately 5,000 square feet.

According to Morgan, as of late June, the four early villas were considered reserved.

“The unique nature of this community is very exciting, as it also provides homebuyers with the opportunity to own part of history,” Morgan wrote in an email. “Many homebuyers appreciate historic architecture and homes, but they prefer new homes and rock-and-leave lifestyles.”

As of June 30, the Downing Park site map and villas are considered reserved. Downing Park / Engel & Volkers Atlanta / TSW

According to Morgan, the plan will need to gate the Downing Park community with access points to South Ponce and Clifton Terrace. If the rendering is any sign, facilities such as saltwater pools, sun terraces, and lush gardens are places where the project can really shine.

Phase 1 housing benefits include a private courtyard, a back porch with a screen, and a vast front porch with villas, Morgan said.

The Manor House and Carriage House, on the other hand, each provide a large private courtyard intended to feel like an extension of the interior.

According to Morgan, Montehewett Homes is building all new constructions in Downing Park, and Hammertime Construction is repairing and remodeling carriage houses and condominiums.

The Atlanta-based TSW Architects has mastered the site of Downing Park and is both a development architect and a landscape architect.

Jerry Spangler, founder of TSW and chief architect of Downing Park, tells Urbana’s Atlanta that the location and orientation of the new home will optimize the view of the green spaces of Candler Park, just west of the property. The purpose is that. According to Spangler, the original structure of Adaptive Reuse will be updated “to appeal to modern buyers”.

“Overall, this is a magnificent new community celebrating the beauty and history of the site and the original home,” Spangler wrote in an email. “It is designed to blend into a well-established area while providing potential homebuyers with state-of-the-art equipment, well-planned mature landscaping, extraordinary building materials, and environmentally friendly designs. . ”

How the villa faces the PATH trail in the area leading to downtown, Decatur and Stone Mountain. Downing Park / Engel & Volkers Atlanta / M. Chrisler Design / TSW

The Tudor family and its carriage house, designed by architect Walter T. Downing, were built in 1914 for the president of Georgia Power Company, Preston S. Arclight. Later, the Jackson Hill Baptist Church was built.

Pinebloom’s property has been on sale for over a decade, corruption The deal was not closed due to the church building next to the mansion and other circumstances. According to records, the property was sold in March 2021 to Joel Reed of Reed and Company, the current developer and long-time resident of Candler Park, for $ 3.06 million.

According to the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, the original home and carriage house are believed to provide structures to the Druid Hills Landmark district, but the church did not.

Reed’s plan to destroy the church and convert the mansion was approved by both the Druid Hills Citizens’ Association and the congregation of the church. The congregation of the church is allowed to worship at the facilities on the premises once the construction is completed. Christian index I am reporting.

The planned look of the downing park manor house. Downing Park / Engel & Volkers Atlanta / M. Chrisler Design / TSW

This project shows the second diversion of historic church assets in the Ponce de Leon Avenue Corridor in Druid Hills, following Minerva. conversion We have split the Druid Hills United Methodist Church into a condominium called 1200 Ponce.

Another adaptive use project in a new building next door — Frederick Trust— Currently standing next to Pine Bloom / Downing Park in the east.

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