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More big development is coming to Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester

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The developer, who had once planned two residential towers along Morrissey Boulevard near Dorchester’s JFK-UMass Red Line station, changed plans and this time added four lab buildings to the mix.

Center Court Mass Filed This Week master plan To the city outlining a 1.56 million square foot development They plan to span seven buildings at 35-75 Morrissey Blvd., currently using about 9 acres of ground lot and a low-rise structure that extends from the old Channel 56 building to the Star Market parking lot. doing.The master plan includes three buildings, four research facilities, retail space, a park, and Square, underground car park, new grocery store, buildings range from 9 to 22 storeys high.

Center Court has been eyeing developments near the JFK-UMass station for years. In an interview, David Raftery, principal at the company, said that changes in the development environment brought about by COVID-19, primarily the demand for lab space, prompted the latest change in plans.

“I think of it as a piece of a big puzzle,” Raftery said.

Indeed, the property at 35-75 Morrissey Blvd. Located by the former Boston Globe headquarters, it was once called The Beat. now renamed “Southline Boston” — Refurbished as a creative office and industrial space, then transformed into a lab-ready space. It’s also across from Morrissey from his 6.5 million square foot Dorchester Bay City mixed-use project in the former Bayside Expo Center.

One of Center Court’s main focuses is “connectivity,” said Raftery. In filings with the Boston Planning and Development Agency this week, Center Court promised a project that would “efficiently accommodate vehicular traffic.” We will improve the pedestrian environment and promote the use of public transportation and bicycles,” as well as rebuilding and widening sidewalks, installing new slopes, improving street lights, and planning roadside trees. Approximately 901 parking spaces are proposed under the 35-75 Morrissey site.

“One of the things we hear a lot is that the land is very industrial and kind of a barrier from existing neighborhoods to the waterfront and universities,” says Raftery. . “We see this as a great opportunity to regain connectivity.”

If approved, the three-phase project will begin with two nine-story research buildings adjacent to the Old Globe, followed by a ten-story, 169-unit residential building and a grocery store to replace the existing Star Market. A second stage follows, which includes 18-story, 188-unit residential building. The grocery store built as part of Phase 2 will open before the current Star’s demolition as part of Phase 3 of the project, allowing the grocery store to remain open during construction. said in a filing with the city.

“We are setting the stage for future development and will work with Star to discuss relocation at an appropriate time,” Raftery said.

The third and final phase of the development includes a 22-story, 228-unit residential building, along with two research buildings of nine and ten stories respectively.

Raftery said the development team will be meeting with community members starting next week to discuss the latest version of the project. This is a necessary step as part of the BPDA’s existing Section 80 development review process. The buildout could take up to 10 years, and if the project is approved, Center Court plans to begin work on it in early 2024. Raftery said it is too early to specify a development price.

“We have come a long way,” he said. “We have endurance.”

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