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More apartments, with underground parking, planned

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Manayunk could acquire another apartment complex adjacent to the Schuylkill River, potentially bringing 120 units and underground parking to the floodplain.

The project features three buildings with five residential floors, a roof deck, ground floor retail, and underground storage and parking. The building site at 3900 Main Street was developed by Michael Alhadad and is officially owned under an entity called Shahab Investment LLC. .

Three zoning differences are required prior to construction. For use as the land is not zoned for housing. Because the building is not 50 feet from the edge of the river as required.

Neighborhood groups are baffled by the inclusion of underground parking in an area that floods so frequently.

“Realistically, it seems like a crazy plan,” said John Hunter, zoning chairman of the Manayunk Neighborhood Council. When – floating is the right word – they said we would make it watertight. There is no way to economically make an underground garage watertight.”

However, the owner’s zoning attorneys say they are working with a design team that has deep experience in planning water-adjacent projects. It includes engineers creating early warning systems.

Residents have plenty of time to move their vehicles before encroaching on the waters, they say.

“Parking is very valuable and neighborhoods want to implement it as part of their housing development,” said Michael Phillips, the zoning attorney working on the project. We’re going to do it one way or another, and we plan to give advance notice to all owners as soon as possible to move their cars elsewhere if there’s a risk.”

Modern housing growth in Manayunk has been around much longer than in most other parts of Philadelphia, leaving few lots to build new homes on.height restrictions covering most of Main Street, and New restricted zoning along Ridge Avenue Corridor Roxborough could also impede new growth.

When they are proposed, new developments are often targeted near flood-prone waterfronts. The island of Venice has seen a flurry of interest in recent years.

But as the effects of climate change worsen, storms Hurricane Ida last year Buildings adjacent to water are expected to be more frequent and challenging.

The previous owner “sold off the land 10 or 20 years ago when the floodplain was a problem, but it wasn’t really perceived as a big problem,” Hunter said.

Developers have tried to deal with flood risk in myriad ways. The building’s owner plans to staff the site 24/7 to monitor the weather and install an early warning system to warn residents that they need to evacuate and move their vehicles.a similar idea Submit a Venice Island Proposal, although its developers will include parking on the ground floor rather than in the basement. In both cases, the floor of the house will be higher than the floodplain.

” read more: More apartments proposed on Venice island in Manayunk a year after Hurricane Ida hit

“Private property owners must be able to develop and reasonably use the land as long as it is well thought out,” Karl Primavera, the project’s zoning attorney, said in an email. rice field. “My brother lives in the Florida Keys and loves the lifestyle. People on the coast feel the same way.”

3900 projects are Subject to Civic Design Reviewa group of architects, developers and planners appointed by the municipality to provide non-binding critiques of the proposed building. To do.

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