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Minnetonka sushi restaurant Kazoku has real estate agent bartenders

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Uzmee Uilsdelger and Konstantin Tsay randomly selected agents from a popular real estate app and the results exceeded their expectations.

Four years later, after moving from California to Minnesota, Uilsdelger considers Savage-based real estate professionals Lee and Julie Bernick to be among her best friends.

They are also her bartenders.

One night a week, Mr. and Mrs. Bernick take over the bar. familyis a welcoming couple Japanese restaurant that opened in Minnetonka late last year.

For the Bernicks, this is their first bartending gig. But Juils Delger doesn’t mind if the pours are a little stronger or the cocktails a little more unique when her friends are at work, which is why the bars are so crowded on Wednesday nights. Because there is

“We are very happy to have them,” she said.

very special agent

Uzmi, who is from Mongolia, and Konstantin, who is from South Korea, were planning to move from California’s Silicon Valley to Minnesota in order to find a more “reasonable” work-life balance as restaurant owners. They had no connection here, just a hunch that it would be good for a young son who barely recognized his father due to spending so much time at two sushi restaurants.

Lee Bernick was the first Minnesotan the couple met, and he and Julie helped set up a home and restaurant in Burnsville.

Tsay and Uilsdelger sold the business last year after deciding to move to Minnetonka. Once again Bernix is ​​ready and helped find a new home in Kazoku, the former copper cow space.

“We were like, ‘Oh, the new restaurants are struggling,’ but they said, ‘I can go and help you guys,'” Uilsdelger said. Their idea: they let him go to the bar once a week. They started in January.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernick’s offer turned out to be a unique way for Uils Delger to sidestep the labor shortages plaguing the restaurant industry. For the Bernicks, it’s a break from the daily grind and a chance to start something new with their youngest son going off to college.

“It’s like a four to nine shift,” said Julie. “You leave everything and don’t answer the phone.”

“It’s very relaxing,” Lee added. “And no one complains. Everyone is happy.”

I’m not saying it’s easy.

wednesday night prank

“We didn’t know what we were doing on day one, but we are learning,” Julie said. “When we first started, we wondered who would order a gin and tonic because that’s all we know how to make.”

Rather than diving into bartending manuals to hone the classics, they’ve come up with their own unusual cocktails, with the help of a growing cadre of patrons who come just for Bernix’s Wednesday night antics. .

Whiteboards circle the bar with a lineup of drinks named after regulars, including Barb’s Happy Camper, Tom’s Krakin Me Up, and Michele’s Tokyo 75. And when they do, they can choose a one-of-a-kind cocktail spirit and flavor profile.

Thanks to her day job, Lee, who is adept at follow-up, texts patrons weekly to remind them to stop by for a drink.

What other strengths in real estate help Bernicks excel behind bars?

There’s nothing wrong with pure enthusiasm. A couple ordered Punny T-shirts for their sushi bar gig. On a recent night, Lee read, “This is how we roll.”

The quirky scene turned into one of Kazoku’s busiest nights. This isn’t just because Bernix tasted his chocolate martini. The food is the draw, if not more. Tsay and Uilsdelger brew their own soy sauce and lovingly serve a plethora of appetizers, including spicy tuna and cream his cheese-stuffed fried jalapeno “bombs,” French-his style crepes, and giant signature sushi rolls. to prepare.

“Spider-Man was my pregnancy roll,” says Uzmi, the collection of ingredients she craved when she was holding her youngest child—cucumber, avocado, and soft-shell crab. One.

After all, the Japanese word for family means “family,” and the family-driven decision to move to Minnesota leaves Tsay and Uilsdelger with two realtor-turned-bartender friends and an unexpected family member. A bonus was given. Even Zillow couldn’t advertise it.

Family Minnetonka is located at 5445 Eden Prairie Road, Minnetonka, 952-681-7194. Family Minnetonka.comDinner 4pm-9pm & Sun. Friday-Saturday 4-9:30 p.m. Lunch 11am-2pm Bernix bartenders on Wednesdays.

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