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Midtown Detroit’s Inn on Ferry Street to reopen with new owner, operator

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Like many other hotels, the Detroit Inn on Ferry Street struggled to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shuttered for over 2 years — at some point Believed to be permanently closed — The historic collection of Victorian mansions and carriagehouses in the Midtown area has been revived by new owners.

Susan Mosey, executive director of Midtown Detroit, confirmed that the property her organization co-owned with the Detroit Institute of Arts was for sale, but refused to identify the buyer or disclose the purchase price. bottom.

She hopes the sale will be completed in about 30 days, and said new ownership will probably resume a month later.

“We were approached by many stakeholders interested in it, and the preference from the (Midtown Detroit) Board was to keep it as a hotel,” she said, and DIA also approved the sale. Stated.

The Institute of Arts declined to comment.

New York City-based Lifehouse Hotel will operate the property after the sale, Morsey confirmed.

Two entities, LH84E Ferry License LLC and LH84E Ferry LLC, were established earlier this month with the Michigan License Regulatory Authority. In the filing, LifeHouse co-founder and CEO Remi Zeidan is listed as the only member of both entities. One of the properties that is part of the complex is located at 84 E. Ferry St., east of Woodward Avenue.

An email was sent to Lifehouse Hotel on Sunday and Monday asking for comment.

According to the Lifehouse website, it owns hotels in Miami, Nantucket, Denver and Miami Beach and is in the process of opening hotels in Chattanooga, New York and Bali. It also manages 41 independent properties, 11 branded properties, 22 restaurants and bars in the United States and Mexico.

Hotel management reported in 2019 LifeHouse robbed Boston-based BlueFlag Partners of $ 100 million in equity investment as Zeidan and co-founder Yury Yakubchyk planned to expand through the acquisition of 7-10 hotels.

The company is reportedly focused on properties with less than 120 rooms and relies on technology and automation to make a profit.

“We can make small hotels profitable or more profitable in a meaningful way,” Zeidan told Hotel Management. “They have (many) fixed costs, a GM and a finance manager, a housekeeper, and a housekeeper manager. All these positions in a small hotel are actually summed up.”

In-on ferry street Reopened over 20 years ago As a hotel space after 18 months of renovation.It consists of Panshouse, Built in 1891. ROHM’s house built in 1888. Scott House, Built in 1886.When Owen House, Built in 1887. According to the hotel’s website, there is a Smith carriage house built in 1892 and, until recently, a John R carriage house built in 1892.

According to Morcy, John R’s carriage house was recently sold to Nancy and Arn Tellem. BasBlueA new non-profit gathering place for women and non-binary individuals.

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