Home News Michael Jordan had to part ways with $1.1 million out of his $2.1 billion networth because of a real estate mishap

Michael Jordan had to part ways with $1.1 million out of his $2.1 billion networth because of a real estate mishap

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Michael Jordan is a great basketball player, probably the best player ever, and he may be an even better businessman. However, he has experienced several accidents with real estate in the past.

The Bulls legend has fully built up his net worth after the day of his play. He was the highest paid player in the league in his time, but after his career ended he made most of his money.

From investing in the right business to owning the Charlotte Hornets, and of course, his Jordan brand is about $ 150 million a year.

Jordan is also using his money well. He has a personal golf course that has spent a fair amount of money, and he is a huge watch enthusiast, flaunting a wide variety of major brands.

He owns several high-level assets, including some major assets. But not all of them have been very successful.

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Michael Jordan lost $ 1.1 million in an unsold mansion

Jordan was generous with his money, including buying a mansion in Highland Park, Illinois. It is a huge mansion spanning 32,700 square feet.

But the mansion may be so decorated that the Bulls legend couldn’t sell it. He listed the mansion for $ 29 million in 2012, but hasn’t sold it yet.

Jordan has had to lower the price of condominiums every year since it first went on the market. It is currently listed for $ 14.85 million. The NBA GOAT also had to pay taxes on real estate.

It is estimated that Jordan paid about $ 1.1 million, the amount he had to pay for property taxes. The 2020 tax bill itself was $ 130,000.

Why aren’t the condominiums sold yet? Well, that high price tag is definitely one reason. In addition, Jordan customized the mansion to suit his needs. Along with that, Jordan’s mansion is right next to the railroad tracks.

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