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Metaverse fractional ownership to form similarly to property loans: Casper exec

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As Metaverse land assets become more expensive, ownership becomes more difficult for regular users. For this reason, Ralf Kubli, director of the Casper Association, argues that some of the ownership can gain traction in virtual space, similar to real-world real estate loans. Non-fungible token (NFT)..

Kubli on Cointelegraph, Metaverse It’s very similar to a traditional real estate system. As prices soar, many can’t afford to buy and own real estate. This leads people to rent or lease real estate, giving them some ownership. He explained:

“Instead of the typical lessor-buyer relationships and processes inherent in legacy systems, smart contracts and virtual assets such as NFTs enhance this split ownership system.”

Casper executives add that this also applies to “leasing advertising space or issuing debt to fund new projects.” According to Kubli Smart contract Divide the land plot of the Metaverse into subunits and enable a “split contract” to rent individually. Kubli said:

“Theoretically, if smart contracts and related technologies were designed for this purpose, this would be applicable to any digital asset.”

Kubli also emphasized that while there are many larger developments within the Metaverse, there are also “countless smaller operations”. These may be offered in the form of art galleries or social media hubs. According to Kubli, these operators need access to virtual estate to start construction.

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Apart from these, Casper executives predict that leasing land in the Metaverse will become commonplace. Kubli said this would “open the door” to a wide range of recruitment and allow everyone to participate. Executives believe this could lead to a “unique content explosion” similar to the launch of Web1 and Web2.

Meanwhile, as the crypto winter shakes the market, investor interest in GameFi Metaverse project continues to grow, According to the DappRadar report. In 2022, $ 4.9 billion worth of investment was invested in Metaverse-related projects to support further development.