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Mediterranean-Style Villa on the Brooklyn Waterfront Sells for $7.425 Million

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The Mediterranean-style home on Brooklyn’s waterfront, once one of the most expensive properties in the autonomous region, sold for $ 7,425,000, according to the Corcoran Group, which represents the property.

According to public records, the sale of a home over 10,000 square feet is a record of residential real estate in the Bayridge area where it is located. The half-acre site is “like the Hamptons’ house in the middle of New York City,” said Evan Church of Corcoran. He also shared the list with Corcoran’s Marvin Chu and Chris Cavorti.

“It’s a very exquisite and incredible house,” Church said. “Not only its size and location, but also the outdoors are meticulously set up and laid out. It’s like an open-air museum.”

According to official records, the property has been owned by Carmelo Giuffre, the founder and CEO of Bram Auto Group, which operates 21 car dealers in Brooklyn and New Jersey, since the 1980s. Mansion Global couldn’t determine how much he paid.

In the 1950s, when spending a day on the waters of Brooklyn, Juffle and his wife Marianna passed by and praised the dwelling, the Wall Street Journal reported: First listed for $ 15 million in 2018.. Thirty years after first finding the house, Giuffre secretly bought it for his wife as a surprise.

“It’s really a home, not a home,” their son, John Juffle, told The Wall Street Journal. “Every Sunday, the whole family (brothers, sisters, parents-in-law) goes out for dinner.”

Jufre decorated the house with materials sourced from places such as Italy, Egypt and India, Church said. Woodworking products such as olive wood moldings and walnut doors are made by artisans imported from Europe or brought into the house, with hand-painted ceilings and stained glass windows throughout.

Outside, there is a ganite pool with slides and lounge area, a covered outdoor kitchen, and beautiful grounds with statues and water.

The buyer was from New York and praised the house from a distance, Chu said. Mansion Global has not been able to identify the purchaser on its own and no records have been published yet.

The agent refused to provide more information about the purchaser, but said he would use the “trophy” residence as a family home.

“These buyers valued the way their previous family maintained,” Chu said. “It has been passed down from one generation of family to another.”

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