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McDowell Homes — the ‘boutique’ real estate agency experiencing explosive growth: Top Workplaces 2022

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The Ohio Mentor-Coronavirus pandemic has hit many industries, but the real estate market has been booming thanks to the historic combination of low interest rates and low inventories. Demand continued to hopping realtors until 2021.

Agents can burn out from high stakes and client dramas for long periods of time, but one mentor-based “boutique” real estate company is growing explosively with agent well-being first.

McDowell HomesHeadquartered in Mentor, was founded in 2015 with three agents and two administrative staff. In that first year, they achieved sales of $ 16 million. In 2021, the agency will complete sales of 1,700 for a total of $ 360 million and will complete sales of 2,000 this year.

Niche agencies have sold more than $ 1 billion in homes over the past seven years. We have also expanded to five offices: Mentor, Solon, Ashtabura, Cleveland’s Little Italy, and Portage Lakes. McDowells is aiming for a sixth location on the west side later this year.

Business partners Chaz and Kayleen McDowell believe they have succeeded in an experienced and dedicated stable with 150 agents and support staff. However, their agents acknowledge high standards and that McDowells pays attention to eliminating competitiveness among the company’s sales teams.

This is the first year McDowell Homes has been selected for the Top Workplace List. Real estate brokers ranked second on the list of SMEs.

For the 2022 Top Workplace List, cleveland.com The Plain Dealer has put together 220 outstanding employers in northeastern Ohio, based on a survey of employees. This year we focused on employee retention. For a complete list and story of the top three winners in each category, please visit: cleveland.com/top-workplaces.

Chaz McDowell Road co-opIn Erie, PA, when a family accountant told him his salary covered only family taxes, car petrol, and childcare. His wife’s real estate income at the time covered the other daily expenses of their family, but she wasn’t happy with the brokerage firm she worked for. The couple decided it was time to start their agency.

“I was looking for a company that was run as a true team with a collaborative culture,” she said. “Many brokerage firms are dogs that eat dogs every day. Agents are defeating bushes for every business they can get.

“I was only interested in hiring agents who wanted to start and grow their team, but want to work together and learn from each other. Everyone working here now has the same goal. I have.”

Both Chaz and Kayleen call themselves “boutique” agencies. We are dedicated to servicing our clients in a “more creative and less restrictive way” while at the same time “maintaining a positive atmosphere while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.” Said.

They only hire experienced agents who are interested in working full time. Agents at McDowell’s home need to be willing to support their colleagues.

“Everyone in the real estate industry is an independent contractor, but we want the agents we work with to feel that they are working in a truly positive atmosphere,” explained Kaileen. .. “We (Chaz and Kaileen) do not allow agents to compete with each other because we believe there is enough business for everyone. If agents are absent, we will have it there. Get out and another agent from our brokerage will intervene to show you the house and follow up. Our agent doesn’t have to worry about losing business due to scheduled snuffs. “

But McDowells isn’t just tracking agents’ work ethic.

A vibrant market and 24/7 attention demands from clients can damage real estate professionals. Kaileen believes in maintaining a personal relationship with each agent and works hard to find out what’s happening in their personal life, likes and dislikes, and business philosophy.

Chaz said, “I call our agent every week. She wants to personally know not only if they are working hard, but that they are in a good place.”

By monitoring those aspects of their personal concerns, she feels it gives better insights into their level of self-care.

“Interrupting this business doesn’t cause a lot of stress on realtors,” she explained. “I’m trying to make sure they take care of themselves and their clients. The balance between work and life is at the forefront of what we do,” she said. ..

“We expect a full-time commitment to their business, but we also expect them to take care of themselves. Whether it’s a physical problem or a family problem, they They aren’t doing their best to their customers if they aren’t content with their needs. They wouldn’t be the best without it. “

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