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Mark Zuckerberg Has Sold His Dolores Heights Home After 10 Years

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Neighbors must be excited about Chan Zuckerberg dropping a home in the Dolores Heights area for $ 31 million, but Big Tech respects the privacy of certain people, so Google Maps Blurrs the dwelling.

It’s been about 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg, the Silicon Valley boy king’s hipster, was occasionally discovered. Picnic at Dolores ParkAnd by October 2012, the founders of Facebook I bought a house on 21st Avenue Only a few blocks from the park.He and his new bride Priscilla Chan were quickly wasted Earn complete contempt With their new neighbor, Zuckerberg Massive security details that block the street, Non-stop racket for his construction projectAnd his Pay people for boggart parking spaces For Zuckerberg and his energetic aides.

Now, the nightmare may be over for an individual who is rich in that particular fascinating stretch means of 21st Avenue, but not as rich as Zuckerberg.Celebrity real estate blog TheRealDeal reports that Zuckerberg and Chan have Sold the house for the reported $ 31 millionAccording to city records dated July 1, 2022.

image: Google street view

If you look at your address in Google Street View, you’ll see that your household is hiding in a blurry force field.this is Something you can requestHowever, because it is not automated, Google will review your request and consider whether to allow it. Being a rich founder type will probably help. Still, Twitter has an automated bot account. @everylotsf It has an unblurred image of Zuckerberg’s house posted in May 2021 and is clearly visible on Google Maps, but it’s unclear when the image was snapped.

We usually don’t post people’s home addresses here in SFist, but in this case the buyer set up a shell LLC that literally names the address. “According to the 1928 home address certificate, Zuckerberg’s real estate buyer is 3450 21st Street LLC,” Real Deal reports. “Buyer’s LLC is based in Delaware, and according to his company’s website, the documents for the transfer of the home have been sent to Michael Gordon, a Delaware lawyer who specializes in trust and real estate planning. rice field.”

The Real Deal adds: A pair of penthouses previously owned by George Shultz It was $ 29 million earlier this week. The sale is the largest condo deal in San Francisco’s history. “

Schultz’s property was, of course, a condominium, not an independent home like this. Zuckerberg bought a house for $ 10 million in 2012, so sales of $ 31 million are impressive, but he apparently put a few dollars into the place. City.

But it’s gone Protest at Zuckerberg’s houseApparently, at least here in San Francisco. After all, the specific address of the residence is Chronicle has released a photo of the house In 2016, and frankly, Mark Zuckerberg is pretty rich in worrying about someone’s privacy breaches.

Some may complain that we’ve driven off the income of Mark Zuckerberg and his tex, but he’s been spending time among other homes for a long time. In Palo Alto, Lake tahoeWhen Hawaii..And knowing Zuckerberg, the paper probably states that he lives in some kind of Ireland. “Double Ireland” tax avoidance..

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Image: @everylotsf Via Twitter

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