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Major Upper East Side Corner Faces Demolition, Including Papaya King

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Upper East Side, NY — Take a closer look at the corners of East 86 Street and Third Avenue. The number of days may be counted. The developers have submitted plans to destroy the entire low-rise corner, including the papaya flagship store. king.

The dismantling plan for 171-179 East 86th St. was submitted on Tuesday by David Rothstein, Executive Vice President of Extell. Mega developers are known for kick-starting the “Billionaire Rows” tower beneath Central Park. construction a number different building On the Upper East Side in recent years.

The site appears to include the entire one-story commercial district on the northwest corner of Third Avenue and East 86 Street. In addition to the papaya king on the corner, there used to be Cohen’s Fashion Optical, the Children’s Place clothing store, and wrap and roll grills, but almost all of these businesses have been closed in recent years.

The corner is Purchased According to city records, an unidentified buyer bought it from long-time owner Imperial Sterling for $ 21 million last fall.

Extell didn’t immediately answer questions about site planning. The narrow corner of just 50 feet x 100 feet is smaller than most sites that can accommodate high-rise towers, and the company doesn’t seem to have acquired an adjacent building, such as the one next to it in 1534. -1536 Home of Third Avenue, Chick-fil-A and Japanese restaurant Chult.

Papaya King’s court battle with the landlord

At the time of purchase last fall, there were already signs of problems with papaya king, a unique restaurant famous for hot dogs and fruit drinks based on the 86th and 3rd horns since its inception in 1932.

In 2020, the landlord’s Imperial Sterling at that time Sued the current owner of Papaya KingClaims that they hijacked the store without permission after the original Papaya King lease was canceled due to unpaid rent. April, new owner lawyer for the building — identified under anonymous LLC, but apparently Extell — requested Court records are shown to take over as the plaintiff in the case.

However, the case has remained in court ever since, as the owner of Papaya King, Grab and Go Convenience, “insisted on continuing to own the building” despite “financial incentives to move out.” , And the lawyer of the new building owner wrote a letter Became a judge in May.

Meanwhile, Grab & Go’s lawyer Fight Imperial Sterling owned only 50% of the real estate and did not have the right to sell the building in the first place. It was an act of “deception” that did not tell the court that the building had been sold until the transaction was completed, the store’s lawyer said.

Since its opening 90 years ago, Papaya King has become an icon of the Upper East Side, creating imitations like the Grays Papaya on the Upper West Side, expanding to East Village, Brooklyn, and even Las Vegas. Closed..

The papaya king’s phone number wasn’t working on Wednesday, and the website appeared to be down.

If the Extell project advances, development will only transform the latest Lower East Side blocks, following nearby sites such as First Avenue between East 79th and 80th Avenues (” This is also Extell project), Third Avenue and East 75th StreetWhen First Avenue and East 78th Street..

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