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Los Lunas residents claim developers did not finish brand-new homes

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Los Lunas, New Mexico – A small number of residents of Los Lunas face multiple problems after closing their homes. The developer responded on Sunday night.

When I set foot in Christiansen’s new home, I think it’s still under construction, but they’ve lived there for nearly a month.

They were excited when Christine and Mike Christiansen began looking for a home in Los Lunas.

“We liked it. Of course, we liked the floor plan, which still had work to do. They reassured us many times that it would be completed in the near future. “Kristin said.

This is a standard procedure according to the developer Hakes Brothers.

Chris Hakes, Division President of Hakes Brothers, said:

But when they moved in, it wasn’t just a minor item – the walls were unpainted and the front door was devastated. After they moved in, they noticed an even bigger problem.

“When I finished moving in, I noticed that the air conditioner wasn’t working. Did it reach 84 degrees here?” Christine said.

Thankfully, Hakes Brothers quickly repaired the AC, when the couple hired a third party to do a full inspection.

“A complete HVAC system is a kind of mess. It’s not coding, duct work isn’t done properly, and duct work isn’t properly installed in the furnace,” Christine said.

Then they started asking what their neighbors were having problems with.

“Look at it and you’ll see water leaking from the side. We stayed here for five months and took a shower. They said your house stinks, I don’t know how to solve that problem, “said homeowner Adrianna Knepper.

So what happened to these new homes?

“We usually have more supervisors overseeing the construction of a home, and there are usually more deals available to build a home,” said Francisca Hakes of Hakes Brothers.

“In this situation, one of the supervisors had a problem and the ball fell a bit, but since we knew it, the team has been working very hard to resolve the issues that came up.” It states. Chris.

However, labor shortages continue to be a problem, as homeowners say they have been slow to resolve these issues.

“It’s very frustrating, but they were told they were going to fix it and get it right. I had multiple people walk around the house and still do nothing.” Said Mike Christiansen.

However, Hakes Brothers promised that all of these homes would be repaired.

I’m not going to say “goodbye, see you later”. This is my company, this is my husband’s company, this is their name, this is my brother-in-law’s company. We won’t leave until we repair these homeowners’ homes, “Franciska said.

Francisca built nearly 300 homes last year, adding that only a handful have seen these major problems in Los Lunas. But homeowners facing these issues say it’s not comforting. They want the moved home to start to feel like a home, not a project.

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