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Look, it’s an old house in the middle of Fourth Street N in St. Petersburg

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st. St. Petersburg — His two-story wooden house, built in 1912, is light blue with a metal roof and a nice wraparound porch. For over a century, it graced his 100 block on 4th Avenue NE, near the downtown waterfront, and later became a local historic landmark.

On Sunday morning, it headed north on 4th Avenue N, creating a strange sight as dozens of onlookers gathered on the sidewalk. Crew members cut tree branches and lifted power lines to make way, and police instructed drivers to detour for the move. The move began Saturday night and continued past noon Sunday.

The move was part of a larger story. Old St. Pete is making way for a new version of the city, featuring sparkling residential towers, new restaurants and a booming nightlife. This venture paved the way for The Nolen, a 23-storey luxury residential tower that is 65% for sale. Construction will begin immediately and will take about 20 months to complete. The project is led by his DDA development in Tampa.

Meanwhile, the home has a new location in a shady spot at the corner of 8th N and Dartmoor Streets in the historic Round Lake district. The developer estimates that the move, which is part of the purchase agreement and a condition of The Nolen’s city approval, will cost about $500,000.

During the trip, the house was accompanied by a convoy representing at least six public authorities and companies, including the St. Petersburg Police, Cable Company Crew, Ministry of Transport, Duke Energy and AJS Building Moving & Leveling. in Florida. Head west on 4th Avenue N, head north on 4-lane 4th Avenue (one of the busiest highways in the city), and make a sharp left turn on 8th Avenue N.

“I was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone involved in this project,” said DDA Development Principal Bowen Arnold in a news release. “Meticulous care was taken in preserving the house and avoiding disruption to the neighborhood. It was an impressive effort.”

Rendering of The Nolen, a 23-story residential tower at 136 Fourth Ave. NE in St. Petersburg. As part of the city’s approval, the developer moved the historic home on the site to another location a few blocks away on Sunday. DDA Development said it will take about 20 months to build. [ Courtesy of DDA Development ]

A spokesperson for the project, Amber Brinkley, provided a passage from the city’s Department of Historic Preservation explaining the history of the house. The house was originally part of a cluster of houses and apartments catering primarily to winter residents.

For a time it also served as a hotel, most recently operating as the Watergarden Inn at the Bay from 2012 until last year.

The house at 136 Fourth Ave. NE and the property below it were sold to DDA Development in December for $7 million, according to Pinellas County real estate records.

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