Home News Look inside a NYC woman’s 80-square-foot, $650-per-month apartment

Look inside a NYC woman’s 80-square-foot, $650-per-month apartment

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This tiny Manhattan apartment went viral for being so small. But so far, I’m saving money for one region each month.

“Today we tour New York City’s smallest apartment at 80 square feet, the size of a parking lot,” reads YouTuber Caleb Simpson’s caption. video tour Midtown home of Alaina Randazzo. Since posting on Sept. 13, the nearly six-minute clip has racked up more than 1.5 million views for her.

At $650 a month, this apartment is cheap for its location, but comes at a high price: it doesn’t have its own bathroom. Randazzo, who works in fashion, needs only a sink in her room and shares the shower and toilet in the hall with other tenants in the building. This setup is known as Single Room Occupancy (SRO) and is officially defined as “a unit with one or her two rooms”. [that] They do not have full kitchens or bathrooms or are shared with other units. ”

living situation Legendary Compact Affordability — New York has a long history of housing types being much more common.

Plus, it doesn’t even have its own oven. But in Randazzo’s kitchenette, he has two hobs and a sink above a mini-fridge and a small cabinet for storage. (She cooks occasionally, but she needs to buy fresh ingredients, she says, because she lacks space to store them.)

“You can reach out and wash your hands from the living room if you want,” Simpson said, sitting on the couch.

“I could hardly even do a home workout here, just how small it is,” Simpson commented at one point while stretching out on the floor and doing push-ups. plug. “It’s very college and feels like a dorm,” she notes of the communal shower combination with little storage space.

As for sleep, Randazzo’s bed is lofted and close to the ceiling, so men don’t sleep there. The house sure looks cramped, but there are hacks. She leaves her shoes outside in the hallway, and when she works from her home, she uses the rooftop to scrape the outside air.

The audience was stunned. In the comments, people wrote: She made very good use of her own space,” she posted, while she “never had my claustrophobia and anxiety.”

Still, SRO welcomed a $2,600 monthly rent waiver from her former home in a gorgeous skyscraper. she explains. However, she decided to bet on a closet-sized unit so she “was able to travel without having to worry about a lot of rent.”

But as Simpson said in the comments, she’s ready for her next adventure. It’s been a year of fun seeing what life is like in New York for a little while. “

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