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Long Island Condo Proposal All But Gutted

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Rich Rauff of MR Property Builders and 45th Street between Pacific and Prospect Streets in Copiague (Getty Images, Google Maps, MR Property Builders)

Apartment projects on Long Island have become so difficult that developers who wanted to build 44 units in Suffolk County may instead build a handful of single-family homes.

Bayshore-based MR Property Builders tries to chart a course forward after Babylon Town Board votes against rezoning proposal, Newsday reportThe unanimous decision was another setback in a project that had been steadily curtailed over five years.

The company had high hopes for this location on 45th Street between Pacific and Prospect streets. In 2017, the developer proposed his 44-unit apartment complex. In May 2018, the Planning Commission seemed more than happy as he reduced the target to 40 units and proceeded to apply for upzoning to the Town Board.

That’s when things started to go off track. After opposing the development of the two acres, the town board returned the developer to the blueprint. MR said in 2019 he proposed a 30 unit condo.

The Planning Commission again recommended rezoning, but the town was still reluctant. In 2020, MR Property Builders proposed to develop 24 units instead. Two years later, crickets.

Finally, a special town board meeting last month resulted in a vote to take no action on the rezoning request amid concerns involving proposed doorway locations.MR Property Builders hangs I was left alone.

Developer partner Rich Rauff expressed disappointment with the results.

“We were a little discouraged because if you want to provide affordable housing, the only way to really do it is through density,” Rauch told Newsday.

It’s still possible that MR Property Builders will do something with this site. But instead of multi-family developments, the company is looking at his eight or his nine single-family homes, which will do little to alleviate Long Island’s affordable housing shortage.

Proposals for single-family homes have not yet been submitted. Because the developer admits to being “shy” about its prospects in the region.

— Holden Walter Warner

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