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Local property owner installing bike racks to deter camping

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Portland, Oregon (KPTV)-After months of camping, crime, and drug use outside his building in downtown Portland, real estate mogul Jordan Schnitzer uses a bike rack. Cleaning the sidewalk.

Schnitzer installed about 20 metal bike racks along the Northwest Broadway block between Northwest Flanders and Grisan Street. He is not the only one to do so in downtown. In the “furniture zone” of the sidewalk, planters and bicycle racks are appearing in front of the company. It is the area between the curb and the pedestrian walkway, where mailboxes, plants and trash cans are common. It is also a zone where many uncontained people set up tents. Schnitzer’s bike rack occupies the zone and the goal is to keep the space from being used for camping.

“This is one way to promote your cyclist to cyclists, and two will help clean the streets, and tenants will want to see this building and stay here for business. You’ll think, “says Schnitzer.

Schnitzer donates millions of dollars each year to help detainees recover. He owns the property where the Bybee Lakes Hope Center is located. The capacity is 300 people, and 500 people experienced homelessness in the first year. Schnitzer believes that increasing investment in such centers can impact the crisis rather than encourage camping on the streets.

“Bicycle racks are one solution and planters are another, but the important thing is to really help people get down the street and into facilities like Lake Baby,” Schnitzer said.

Schnitzer admits that he didn’t get a bike rack permit because he didn’t know he needed a bike rack. The Portland Department of Transportation said it was unaware of the bike rack and was considering a “next step”. Schnitzer said he applied for a permit last Friday.

Schnitzer said there is a delicate line between helping people on the street and remembering the tax-paying stakeholders. In Schnitzer’s eyes, a successful and vibrant city begins in the heart of the real estate market and vibrant downtown. Therefore, the bike rack occupies a small part when trying to regain the image of Portland.

“We were once national gems,” Schnitzer said. “Every other month, the New York Times had an article about the city we eat, visit, mountains, beaches, or anything we love. This is down the sinkhole nationwide. The way it became one of the embarrassing things is amazing. “

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