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Local agent does double duty in “House Hunters” Milwaukee episode

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“A newly single real estate professional looking to find a home for himself in Milwaukee. I’m looking for a home for my sister who is moving in and my current home is under contract so I need to find something ASAP.” .”

That’s why HGTV Explains This Week’s Episode 10 of season 223 of the long-running real estate show House Hunters.

That real estate expert is Anna Billings. team hoffmanyounger sister Kelly.

As part of the show, the sisters from Tosa, who grew up on Milwaukee’s West Side, visited three areas of the city for the episode that first aired on Friday night and repeated on Saturday. We’ve checked out homes in South Milwaukee, West Alice, and Milwaukee’s Cooper Park neighborhoods.


“I’m a real estate agent as well as a buyer,” Billings says of her role on the show. “This is a very unique opportunity and not a typical ‘House Hunter’ style episode. “I have had the great privilege of having her sister Kelly on the hunt and her father Thomas lending his expertise from time to time.

“(We are) from the Cooper Park area, born and raised just a few blocks from Cooper Park itself, post-middle school, and love the community, the friendliness, and all that sense of ‘home,’ so we love this place. Hope to stay in the neighborhood. “it gives”

The sisters attended Tosa public school until grade 12, and their father was an MPS teacher.

“At the time, MPS teachers had to live in the city of Milwaukee, so we ended up in Cooper Park,” recalls Billings. “It was close to our schools, close to my mother’s job as a dental hygienist, and part of the city of Milwaukee to meet the requirements of my father’s job.

“My parents, Pam and Tom, are still in love with our community after my father retired and after selling the house we lived in as children, we moved to another house in Cooper Park. It even shrunk to .”

An interior design student, Billings got his start in the real estate industry through an internship while attending Fox Valley Technical College. She hoped this experience would enhance her skills in staging homes for sale.

“One thing led to another and I fell in love with the real estate side of the industry more than I expected and got my real estate license six months before I graduated college. did,” she says.

“I wanted to move back to Milwaukee after I graduated, so after talking to the broker overseeing my internship, she introduced me to my current broker, Team Hoffmann Remax Realty Pros. It embraced me with open arms and launched my career at rate of fire.”

Kelly, on the other hand, graduated from the University of Madison with a master’s degree before taking a job at the Mequon Library.

Billings was living in Cooper Park when life changed.

“I was able to find diamonds in the rough just outside Cooper Park, used my interior design degree to add a break room and bar, and redid as much cosmetics as I could,” she says. say. “I was divorced and lived in a house that now holds a lot of emotion. The market was screaming ‘it’s time to sell’ and I was out of the sweaty stocks I put countless hours into the house.” We were able to make some profit.”

Billings has decided to list his home for 2021 and share it with his sister. At the same time, her team’s owner, Justin Hoffmann, was contacted by her HGTV and told Billings of the opportunity.


“After many discussions with the producers, they decided I was a good fit for the show and got to work,” Billings says.

The sisters then set out to search for him, accompanied by a camera crew.

“Kelly and I have different opinions,” Billings says. “We are polar opposites and fit better together. Kelly loves glamour, quirkiness, and sometimes prioritizes them over functionality. I love things that look like they have little to no structural imperfections, and I can’t help but want to add my touch to everything.”

The sisters considered 3 properties, including 1 duplex.

“Given that Kelly rents part of the house from me, we thought, ‘What could be better than looking at a duplex?’ However, having only owned single-family properties, sacrificing space was a mental hurdle for me. ”

Next, they looked into Tudor, who needed a little more effort to work for Anna and Kelly.

“I’m used to[renovation work]and love doing it,” Billings says. Neither of us wants to share just 1.5 baths. ”

Third, we visited a completed renovated house.

“It was turnkey,” says Billings. “[It]gave Kelly and I separate floors and bathrooms, and put everything on our wish list as far as space is concerned. There was no room for creative minds to add fairness to it.”

I’m not going to spoil the episode and tell you where they went, but quiet and under the radar for west siders like me who often run/bicycle/drive through Cooper Park It was nice to hear about a neighborhood that’s getting national attention, in a good way.

“I cover all of southeastern Wisconsin, and I think there are a surprising number of ‘pocket districts’ in the area,” Billings says. “Born and raised here, I love having ‘insider knowledge’ of these hidden gem communities, including Cooper Park, and I love showing them off to homebuyers.

“I hope this episode highlights what a great city Milwaukee is. We feel so lucky to be a part of putting Milwaukee on the map for HGTV and look forward to continuing to be a part of welcoming newcomers back to Milwaukee.”

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