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Landlord sues White Horse Tavern for $640K in back rent

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One of New York City’s oldest drinking fountains is in hot water.

Proudly claiming to be “the second oldest pub in New York City,” West Village’s White Horse Tavern is said to have problems as old as the Big Apple.

Owner Eitan Sugarman owes more than $650,000 in unpaid rent at the 567 Hudson Street venue, landlord Steve Croman claims in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday.

This debt began consistently paying off the $41,500 that Sugarman owed each month for the 142-year-old corner site (a completely separate location from the 89-year-old White Horse Tavern). It dates back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. in the financial district), Crane’s reportThe situation came despite Sugarman raising $437,840 in federal Paycheck Protection Program funds in the summer of 2020. The funds are intended to protect her 18 jobs at the facility and have been waived or repaid.

The bar’s landlord sued the tenant for the return of the rent and an additional $15,000 in legal fees.
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The White Horse is one of the oldest bars in the city.
The White Horse is one of the oldest bars in the city.
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Croman was at one point more supportive of the saloon’s survival, giving Sugarman half the rent for 18 months as a monthly concession. genuine article report. Things changed in August, when Croman demanded Sugarman repay his 18-month concession.

The lawsuit also requires Sugarman to pay a minimum of $15,000 in legal fees, in addition to his rent debt. But Real Deal, citing court documents, says Sugarman had trouble paying rent early in her move-in. He signed his 15-year lease in March 2019. That April, Sugarman closed his bar for a month for renovations. This reportedly cost him $1 million. By the time COVID arrived in NYC, there were already reportedly $11,500 in fees.

White Horse Tavern did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The lawsuit represents the reversal of Croman, who served eight months in prison in 2017 for crimes including mortgage and tax evasion, and previously filed a federal civil lawsuit against rent-regulated tenant Crain’s. It had settled for $8 million after being found guilty of harassment. report.

Croman purchased White Horse for $13.7 million in April 2019, shortly after his release from prison. The mixed use property also has two residential apartments.

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