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Landlord, rental compliance problems in Detroit? How to get help

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Having trouble with a bad landlord or rental property in the city of Detroit?

Help Me Hank has been covering this issue for months and has put together some resources for residents in need.

If you think you may be participating in landlord fraud, first check to see if the property is registered with the city. Click here to see interactive map You can check the current status of nearby rental properties.

If your rental property is not following the rules by your landlord, you can ask the city for a free inspection.

All renters have the right to live in well-maintained and safe housing. Tenants are encouraged to report rental properties in need of inspection and repair. Tenants can arrange an inspection (at no cost) by calling (313) 224-2733.

Rental Property FAQs – What Landlords and Tenants Need to Know

Rental registration certificate

The rental registration certificate is free and an advantage for landlords when potential tenants are looking for a place to rent. Landlords who comply with the City of Detroit ordinances and ordinances are more likely to obtain a license for their property. According to the City of Detroit’s Property Maintenance Code (Chapter 8), if a dwelling is not an owner-occupied single-family dwelling, it is considered a residential rental property. Residential rental properties include single-family and her-two-family homes, apartments, boarding houses, etc., and rooms rented within a home occupied by the owner of a single-family home. To receive a rental registration certificate, the owner must:

  • After completing the rental registration form and submitting it to the Building Safety Engineering and Environmental Department, a certificate will be mailed to the owner or his/her representative. — Registration of rental property

Proof of compliance

A certificate of compliance is required for all commercial buildings, structures and rental housing in the City of Detroit, with the exception of single-family owner-occupied residences. A Certificate of Compliance means that the property has been inspected and meets the minimum requirements of the Detroit Property Maintenance Code and/or Zoning Code. The Certificate of Compliance is valid for 3 years for 1-2 family homes and 2 years for multi-family homes from the date of the first inspection.

To receive a Certificate of Compliance for a residential rental or commercial property, the owner must:

  • Get a complete and up-to-date inspection of your property that is less than 1 year old.

  • Complete all repairs listed in the correction order.

  • Request a reinspection to ensure that the repair was completed in a timely manner.

  • Bring valid rental registration proof, if applicable.

  • Comply with all provisions of the Special Land Zone Grant, if applicable.

  • Pay all assessed inspection fees.

Learn more about landlords and rental guidelines from the city here.

To report a vacant & open, vacant & unmaintained, fire damaged, or collapsing structure, call 313-224-3215 or email. [email protected]. More information can be found here from BSED.

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